Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

twilight and trees

just finished twilight! i loved it! of course i knew i would--who can resist a good vampire story? i sure can--of course, i also long for a new story of those vampires i love... ahhh anne, can't you get to work!?! i'm planing to go see the movie over winter break. i want some time before i go see it since i'm always dissapointed in the movie versions of books. that worked for narnia-loved the movie but only since i forced myself not to read the book until later. i hope santa brings me the other 3 twilight books for christmas!
work... well we have the house lights up, the tree in and there are lights on it--tonight will be the actual trimming of the tree. diego really thinks the tree is his. he has been loving on the tree since it came in the house. he's trying to add things to it, loves to look at the lights and sits with it. it's cute really.
last night i made real mexican hot chocolate--omg... i don't know why we ever bother with poweder cocoa! the chocolate was so yummy and spicy! i even had whipped cream. diego did not enjoy the steaming milk--funny--
christmas shopping is going well. the big debate is train table or not? i already found a nice train set but we still need a table. i notice one in the target ad today. i might have to give the good ol' Godmother and father a call and see what they're planning to get diego. i think he might want a train table!