Tuesday, November 11, 2008

julian the apple town--its beginning to look a lot like christmas

had a lovely weekend...

we went to the little town of julian! it was so cold and i saw SNOW!!! i love snow (maybe because i've lived in california all my life and really never see snow). we had pie-apple pie and vanilla ice cream, and a nice hot cup of cider! what a cute little place to pop into!
i have to say i had the BEST pumpkin cookies there too! i meant to go back and pick up some for the house/drive home but i forgot! ughhh! but we did bring home a pumpkin apple crumb pie-omg... that is just heaven!!!
christmas music going on the ipod today--i'm ready to holiday season. my christmas time is now here!

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Unknown said...

i am so in the christmas mood. I want to start decorating already lol! Ohh i love snow too and i think it is the same reason as you. That pie sounds to die for. YUMO!