Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the wedding, the witch and the wardrobe...

it's OCTOBER!!!

it's been a busy week!!! last week we had a party on friday, a wedding in fresno on sat, drive back home on sun, cesar left to canada on mon--he's still gone. ugh... and the monkey boy learned how to climb out of his crib!!! ugh! overall i've had very little sleep and feel like a single parent... ugh!!!

the party on friday was fun! lots of silly people! they were all of cesar's coworkers-his people. diego had a great time running and just watching everything go on around him. he loves people. he tried to eat everyone's food--ah... my boy loves to eat! oh yeah, there was a dancing scull too... scary!

fresno-gosh it's so darn far! omg... too many crazy drives and too many "close calls." i really hate making that trek! but really, the wedding was beautiful!!! my cousin tina has finally married her prince. that is a whole long drama but know that hector is a great man. i'm so happy she made a match. i'm so happy for her!

gosh... seeing people i grew up with was pretty crazy. they're adults now! lol! how did that happen? kids i've known since wow... since we lived on grant street in fresno--since my parents were married... yeah, that long ago! they're all still around and hanging out with my brothers--still! it was so nice to see them. i've got to find old pictures at my mom's and compare them to now. that would be a great scrap layout!

i have to tell ya... my dress... the pretty cream and black dress here (i'm on the far right) was a whole 99 cents! LOL!!! for real! i love to power shop!

my goodness... these cousin's of mine are growing up sooo fast! i can't believe how old they're getting--- aren't they cute!?! i should clarify--they're the children of cousins... diego's cousins.

spent some quality time with the nephews on sunday. i got them all matching t shirts for halloween. none of the 50 pictures of them came out clearly--i guess with 5 boys, someone would always be moving. they had a blast hanging out together! here's eddie, joey, isaac, miah and diego... wow... say that 5 times fast!

ces won't be home until friday now so i'm hoping to get some scrappin' time in. i can't find my mojo--maybe tomorrow i need to look at some challenges and see what i can come up with. limited time to really enjoy my blogs really affects me. oh well... we'll see what i can come up with! happy witching hour!


Unknown said...

Sounds awesome Dori!!
How did you get such a smokin' deal on that gorgeous dress?? You rock woman!

Unknown said...

yay this is halloween!!! Im so excited! THose pics are great and i love their little shirts! SOOOO CUTE!