Sunday, October 26, 2008

13 days of halloween (cont)

whew! it's been a fun but busy weekend!

8. harvest party at diego's school! the kids danced, played ball, chased each other and the parents finally met each other. here's diego and his teacher!
7. decorated our house (finally!) and we went to trick or treat street in TO! so cold and fun! there were pony rides, petting zoo, animal shows, carving contest, the haunted train! and of course, hot cider for everyone! it was so cute--i love going there every year!
6. boo at the LA zoo--omg... not cool that it was freaking 95 outside! can you say HOT! lucklily, i knew it would be hot so i did not dress diego up in his bat suit. he would have roasted! but he did have nice time checking out the gorillas. they had cool stuff set up around the zoo-i loved the carving stations!
5. tomorrow i plan on passing out halloween pencils to my kids--just for fun! diego had a great time playing with them.
only bummer of the weekend--found out ces has to go to canada... AGAIN!!! grrrr! oh well, what can i do? nothing. we'll be fine without him.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

13 days of halloween...(part one)

13. (sunday) pumpkin patch!
silly diego was afraid of the pumpkins! he's a riot!

12. (monday) got boo'ed!
ooooh! candy and i don't know who from!

11. (tuesday) gave boo'ed & put out the pumpkins!
ah! i boo'ed one of the other SPED teachers!
10. (wed.) painted toe nails orange!
will photo later!
omg... i haven't had a mani in awhile! and she got me done in time for class--yeah baby!

9. (thurs) baking cupcakes for harvest party tomorrow night!
can you say red velvet? oh wait... they'll be so cute!

happy haunting!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

oh so random...

ahhh... it must be bed time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


then use people first language. it's PEOPLE with special needs. not special needs people.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the wedding, the witch and the wardrobe...

it's OCTOBER!!!

it's been a busy week!!! last week we had a party on friday, a wedding in fresno on sat, drive back home on sun, cesar left to canada on mon--he's still gone. ugh... and the monkey boy learned how to climb out of his crib!!! ugh! overall i've had very little sleep and feel like a single parent... ugh!!!

the party on friday was fun! lots of silly people! they were all of cesar's coworkers-his people. diego had a great time running and just watching everything go on around him. he loves people. he tried to eat everyone's food--ah... my boy loves to eat! oh yeah, there was a dancing scull too... scary!

fresno-gosh it's so darn far! omg... too many crazy drives and too many "close calls." i really hate making that trek! but really, the wedding was beautiful!!! my cousin tina has finally married her prince. that is a whole long drama but know that hector is a great man. i'm so happy she made a match. i'm so happy for her!

gosh... seeing people i grew up with was pretty crazy. they're adults now! lol! how did that happen? kids i've known since wow... since we lived on grant street in fresno--since my parents were married... yeah, that long ago! they're all still around and hanging out with my brothers--still! it was so nice to see them. i've got to find old pictures at my mom's and compare them to now. that would be a great scrap layout!

i have to tell ya... my dress... the pretty cream and black dress here (i'm on the far right) was a whole 99 cents! LOL!!! for real! i love to power shop!

my goodness... these cousin's of mine are growing up sooo fast! i can't believe how old they're getting--- aren't they cute!?! i should clarify--they're the children of cousins... diego's cousins.

spent some quality time with the nephews on sunday. i got them all matching t shirts for halloween. none of the 50 pictures of them came out clearly--i guess with 5 boys, someone would always be moving. they had a blast hanging out together! here's eddie, joey, isaac, miah and diego... wow... say that 5 times fast!

ces won't be home until friday now so i'm hoping to get some scrappin' time in. i can't find my mojo--maybe tomorrow i need to look at some challenges and see what i can come up with. limited time to really enjoy my blogs really affects me. oh well... we'll see what i can come up with! happy witching hour!