Saturday, September 6, 2008

mrs. aleman, mrs. aleman, i don't get it.

hee hee hee--that's line i image when i took the "teacher look" photo. i've been busy but finally finding my way. scrapped this a week or so ago but just got to posting it. i just made a cute halloween sign i plan to post tomorrow but it needs to dry right now.

i'm finally better--nasty bug in the house. diego still has a day care cold. poor thing. he's almost off the sippy right now. almost there. still needs one at home for his nap (but not at school) and for bed time. i wanted to start getting him in his bed but he woke up at 6 this am. and then fell asleep in the stroller while shopping for his birthday stuff. ugh! so no big boy bed nap today. bed time will still be in the crib for awhile. i'm hoping by dec we'll be in the big bed for good.

shesh... i've been up since 6. it's now 11. i'm tired.


Lizee said...

what school district are you working for?

hope diego feels better asap!

Unknown said...

that layout is super cute!!