Sunday, September 28, 2008

so diego had a birthday...

and i'm still tired... hee hee hee... it's been non stop since the week BEFORE his birthday. his Bday was really nice... but A LOT of kids showed up. it was really nice and LOUD! just the way it should be. lots of nice new toys and only one big fall!
diego's passport thingy came in too. you need a picture ID to travel out of the country now so we had to get the two year old a passport. it's such a cute photo! i can't wait for our trip. i need to diet. hee hee hee...
work has been going great--except when they sent me to the wrong meeting on friday. i hate being late anywhere but i was. oh well.
this weekend was fun too. ces's dad came down from AZ and spent some time with us. we went to LA and acted like tourist. visited olveria street and saw real sugar sculls! so cool! can't wait to upload those pictures but i'm updating my ipod right now. i'm still using my old mini and it's slow. i'm going to get a new one just haven't yet. i'm debating getting a shuffle just for the gym. i don't need the big one there--speaking of gym! i forgot to mention my belly dance class! it's a BLAST in there!
it's late... i'm sleepy... i need rest! happy 1st week of october everyone! time to break out the halloween music!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

my bones are rattling...

so i found out about this cool train ride
they take you to the pumpkin patch and everything! i am so there! sign us up. picked up my pictures from costco today... can't wait to scrap! i need some ME time.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

scrappin' to the math?

my desk looks great doesn't it!

so i got this bright idea--we're making a ABC book of geometry terms (which they're required to make the terms understandable for a 5th grader). i have tons of "beginner" scrap stuff i'm always passing off to people--why not use it for my students? so tomorrow we're going to start scrapping our terms! i can't wait! i'll post once we get started...
OOOOHHHH!!! i almost forgot! we're going to MEXICO!!! we're booked on a cruise for the week of thanksgiving and going to mexico! i can't wait! 4 days at sea.... ahhhh....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

whoosh went the wind...

a big thanks to lefa for the GREAT mini alpha's for this project! i couldn't have done it without them! i had an idea--didn't quiet turn out the way i planned it but it's okay. i like what i ended up creating. it's just a little something before i really have a chance to "get into halloween."

Saturday, September 6, 2008

mrs. aleman, mrs. aleman, i don't get it.

hee hee hee--that's line i image when i took the "teacher look" photo. i've been busy but finally finding my way. scrapped this a week or so ago but just got to posting it. i just made a cute halloween sign i plan to post tomorrow but it needs to dry right now.

i'm finally better--nasty bug in the house. diego still has a day care cold. poor thing. he's almost off the sippy right now. almost there. still needs one at home for his nap (but not at school) and for bed time. i wanted to start getting him in his bed but he woke up at 6 this am. and then fell asleep in the stroller while shopping for his birthday stuff. ugh! so no big boy bed nap today. bed time will still be in the crib for awhile. i'm hoping by dec we'll be in the big bed for good.

shesh... i've been up since 6. it's now 11. i'm tired.

Monday, September 1, 2008

i had so much to say...

but then caught a 24 hr bug. we have been sick all weekend... eww...

happy labor day!