Wednesday, August 6, 2008

we lost a pair of shoes...

today was interesting... LOL!

so i took diego to kid's club. he goes there a few times a week while i work out at the gym. when i got back after aqua class the lady (she's about 22) asks, "oh diego's mommy, i'm so sorry." of course my heart drops--"what?"

she points to a lone shoe on the stand, "there is his shoe. we can't find the other one."

in the meantime i spy my little monkey crawling around playing-he's running and laughing--BREATHING--so at least nothing has happened to him.

then she goes on, "its wet."

humm... wet?

then the story spill out. another baby, his diaper leaked, poop on the floor, diego's shoe covered in poo... YUCK!!! i start laughing which didn't help. she started laughing and describing the poop. LOL! the more she talks, the more we're both laughing. i had to ask, who cleaned up the poop? i mean, we're paying 2 bucks for kids club-not enough to be cleaning up poop. she said they paged the mom and she came and cleaned up with them. but the faces the girl was making--totally disgusted! so the other woman comes up to the front, again, no more that 22 years old. she figures out who i am and then she goes on, "it was everywhere! it was so gross!"

none of us can stop laughing--i take diego's wet shoe (a flip flop from children's place-i think they cost a whole 3 bucks) and aske them to toss it for me--they can't find the other one anyway--so glad i left his shoes on! don't want to even imagine if i had removed them... ewww....

finally diego notices i'm there and comes running. i get his stuff and sign him out... right as i hit the door, the first girl screams out: "I FOUND THE OTHER SHOE!!! IT HAS POOP TOO!!!" which sends us all giggling all over again.

yeah... poop... it's hella funny!

side note... last night we went to see a movie--it was out 8 year anniversary!


Unknown said...

how funny!! i was laughing just imagining you hearing the story! lol

congrats on your 8 year adversary!!! what did you guys see? :)

Mrs Pretzel said...

HA!! That is funny. I'm telling Latte... she loves a good poop story.

Leah said...

lol! gross! but soo funny!

Happy Anniversary!

oh and thanks for the card full of goodies! love them!