Sunday, August 24, 2008

on the eve of my first day back...

first i should report: diego did wonderfully at daycare! when i walked in to pick him up--there were no tears, no big rush to greet me, just a smile--of course, it was SNACK TIME!!! he just sat in his little chair and waited for me to come over to him and sit while he helped himself to his snack. my boy LOVES to eat! it did my heart good to see him happy. i'm sure he's happy! yeah, sure, he's not with me all day but he's with KIDS! he loves to play with kids! and i'm excited for him--he's ready for this.
as for my classroom... it's empty alright. of course, no one really knows what i'm "supposed" to be teaching. the principal said math and science. i hate math and science--but i'm better now. i had a moment but then my best friend kathy talked some sense into me--i'm married to a scientist and i've been trained extensively in math. i'm excited about it now. i went to lakeshore today (the teacher store) and bought a few things. i feel better.
today was cesar's b day. it was nice. he went bike riding with friends in the AM. we then went to dinner at claim jumper. ooooh yummy! we have mini bundt cake made already but are waiting until the little one falls asleep--he's almost there.
good night-sweet dreams!

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Leah said...

congrats to both of you. Glad Diego had a good day and glad you're getting excited about teaching. :)