Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i'm so sick...

cesar was sick, my neighbor was sick... i don't know who got me sick but i'm sure it was one of the two! eeeek! i'm dying... i'm just dying... LOL!

well, the week has been so crazy! and it's only tuesday. i made a final choice on daycare. diego and i have been visiting daily so he gets used to the place. i like it. he seems happy to be with the other kids. of course, you know, diego will be full time but full time for us is not that full. i'll be home by 4 everyday but wed--i have classes that night.

transcrips, the thorn in my side... i went to too many colleges! LOL! no, not really but it seems there are transcrips for thousands of places. i'm down to my final last two requests. i've spent a good pretty penny on them too. the prices vary so much from school to school. rat bastards!

enrolled in school. i'm so excited about that! i miss being and feeling "smart." of course the whole application process is so silly. it's just a formality really. i submitted my paperwork yesterday and now, yes, a whole 24 hours later, i'm enrolled. yeah... lol!

i need to head over to see dr. saul and get some paperwork filled out for diego's daycare. i also still need to get a TB test. i'm so sick of doing those!

i am so tired... maybe i'll try to take a nap.


Leah said...

go take a nap dori!

Marie said...

Awww aria is sick too and i have no clue where it came from. I hope u get better. Yay for school for you my dear! Get some rest luv!