Wednesday, August 27, 2008

first day of school

met my students today! i want to post pics but since it's SPED--i can't. it's confidential information. it's just so hard... so the state of cali decided that all 8th graders have to take alg. 1 in the 8th grade now--including SPED students. yeah... i met my students today. they're a sweet bunch but there is no way they can handle algebra one. are you kidding me? i would guess them to be at about a 6th grade level--if i'm lucky. there were a lot of fingers out doing simple math today. and it's NOT their fault. they have medically documented delays. they're in special ed for a reason! why would we want to send them over their fustration level? i don't know... i don't make policy.

and... that leads to my 1st day of university classes too! wow... it just occured to me, when the Dr. I said, "welcome to graduate school" that YES, i am in grad school now! omg... i've taken many classes in the past but they're all credentialing classes so technically they're 5th year classes and not grad school. they do not lead to a degree--a credential is not a degree. even if you have two like i do; they're still not a degree. lol! but now, yes, now, i am in grad school.

diego--doing great in daycare! he likes going. he seems to enjoy the kids. he's eating well, LOL-like there would be any question. i'm happy for him!

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Leah said...

sounds like you both had good days :)