Monday, August 18, 2008

back to school... oh yeah! (did you ever watch grease 2?)

i've got to go back, back to school... again!

so i got a job! i'm thrilled! it's been a journey really... 1st one i was offered but turned it down--something about the fit (money...LOL!) didn't feel right. the 2nd, i didn't get the job but this certain district never hires from the school i went too. and the 3rd... took forever! i mean, forever! but, the offer was a great fit and i'm thrilled! i'll be teaching middle school SDC/RSP--what does all that mean? Special Ed.

i'm hanging out with my neigbors cricut--ugh! i am so in love with this stupid thing! hee hee hee... i borrowed it to make the invites for diego's b day but now i want one. of course, you know she has two so this is the "extra" one. she just got the cricut expressions--it's HUGE! and she is selling this one but is waiting for a friend to say yes or no. i'm next on the waiting list. lol! i have the indie art cartrige right now and i love it! i'm making a mini out of some of the die cuts.

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