Wednesday, August 27, 2008

first day of school

met my students today! i want to post pics but since it's SPED--i can't. it's confidential information. it's just so hard... so the state of cali decided that all 8th graders have to take alg. 1 in the 8th grade now--including SPED students. yeah... i met my students today. they're a sweet bunch but there is no way they can handle algebra one. are you kidding me? i would guess them to be at about a 6th grade level--if i'm lucky. there were a lot of fingers out doing simple math today. and it's NOT their fault. they have medically documented delays. they're in special ed for a reason! why would we want to send them over their fustration level? i don't know... i don't make policy.

and... that leads to my 1st day of university classes too! wow... it just occured to me, when the Dr. I said, "welcome to graduate school" that YES, i am in grad school now! omg... i've taken many classes in the past but they're all credentialing classes so technically they're 5th year classes and not grad school. they do not lead to a degree--a credential is not a degree. even if you have two like i do; they're still not a degree. lol! but now, yes, now, i am in grad school.

diego--doing great in daycare! he likes going. he seems to enjoy the kids. he's eating well, LOL-like there would be any question. i'm happy for him!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

on the eve of my first day back...

first i should report: diego did wonderfully at daycare! when i walked in to pick him up--there were no tears, no big rush to greet me, just a smile--of course, it was SNACK TIME!!! he just sat in his little chair and waited for me to come over to him and sit while he helped himself to his snack. my boy LOVES to eat! it did my heart good to see him happy. i'm sure he's happy! yeah, sure, he's not with me all day but he's with KIDS! he loves to play with kids! and i'm excited for him--he's ready for this.
as for my classroom... it's empty alright. of course, no one really knows what i'm "supposed" to be teaching. the principal said math and science. i hate math and science--but i'm better now. i had a moment but then my best friend kathy talked some sense into me--i'm married to a scientist and i've been trained extensively in math. i'm excited about it now. i went to lakeshore today (the teacher store) and bought a few things. i feel better.
today was cesar's b day. it was nice. he went bike riding with friends in the AM. we then went to dinner at claim jumper. ooooh yummy! we have mini bundt cake made already but are waiting until the little one falls asleep--he's almost there.
good night-sweet dreams!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i'm so sick...

cesar was sick, my neighbor was sick... i don't know who got me sick but i'm sure it was one of the two! eeeek! i'm dying... i'm just dying... LOL!

well, the week has been so crazy! and it's only tuesday. i made a final choice on daycare. diego and i have been visiting daily so he gets used to the place. i like it. he seems happy to be with the other kids. of course, you know, diego will be full time but full time for us is not that full. i'll be home by 4 everyday but wed--i have classes that night.

transcrips, the thorn in my side... i went to too many colleges! LOL! no, not really but it seems there are transcrips for thousands of places. i'm down to my final last two requests. i've spent a good pretty penny on them too. the prices vary so much from school to school. rat bastards!

enrolled in school. i'm so excited about that! i miss being and feeling "smart." of course the whole application process is so silly. it's just a formality really. i submitted my paperwork yesterday and now, yes, a whole 24 hours later, i'm enrolled. yeah... lol!

i need to head over to see dr. saul and get some paperwork filled out for diego's daycare. i also still need to get a TB test. i'm so sick of doing those!

i am so tired... maybe i'll try to take a nap.

Monday, August 18, 2008

back to school... oh yeah! (did you ever watch grease 2?)

i've got to go back, back to school... again!

so i got a job! i'm thrilled! it's been a journey really... 1st one i was offered but turned it down--something about the fit (money...LOL!) didn't feel right. the 2nd, i didn't get the job but this certain district never hires from the school i went too. and the 3rd... took forever! i mean, forever! but, the offer was a great fit and i'm thrilled! i'll be teaching middle school SDC/RSP--what does all that mean? Special Ed.

i'm hanging out with my neigbors cricut--ugh! i am so in love with this stupid thing! hee hee hee... i borrowed it to make the invites for diego's b day but now i want one. of course, you know she has two so this is the "extra" one. she just got the cricut expressions--it's HUGE! and she is selling this one but is waiting for a friend to say yes or no. i'm next on the waiting list. lol! i have the indie art cartrige right now and i love it! i'm making a mini out of some of the die cuts.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

the things you find when cleaning out the stash...

i've been on a cleaning kick... days and days of slowly sorting through the scrap stuff i own. luckily for me i have two great gals to grace with STUFF! they're both new to scrapping so they love everything i hand over. of course, the second i make new room, i'm off to buy more! i haven't been to joann's in FOREVER and since i'm making the invites for diego's b day, i popped over there and was impressed with the clerance! love, elsie, stamps, and those shinny KI memories paper sets, all 1.97. i got the camera mini i've been wanting forever! ended up spending 30 bucks on a TON of clearnce items.

but, while cleaning... i found three sets of chipboard monograms and made a quick mini for myself. i can't wait for FALL. i did all four letters but didn't feel like getting them all uploaded.

i know somewhere there are three mini's started of diego's baptism that i misplaced. i'm sure they'll turn up soon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

we lost a pair of shoes...

today was interesting... LOL!

so i took diego to kid's club. he goes there a few times a week while i work out at the gym. when i got back after aqua class the lady (she's about 22) asks, "oh diego's mommy, i'm so sorry." of course my heart drops--"what?"

she points to a lone shoe on the stand, "there is his shoe. we can't find the other one."

in the meantime i spy my little monkey crawling around playing-he's running and laughing--BREATHING--so at least nothing has happened to him.

then she goes on, "its wet."

humm... wet?

then the story spill out. another baby, his diaper leaked, poop on the floor, diego's shoe covered in poo... YUCK!!! i start laughing which didn't help. she started laughing and describing the poop. LOL! the more she talks, the more we're both laughing. i had to ask, who cleaned up the poop? i mean, we're paying 2 bucks for kids club-not enough to be cleaning up poop. she said they paged the mom and she came and cleaned up with them. but the faces the girl was making--totally disgusted! so the other woman comes up to the front, again, no more that 22 years old. she figures out who i am and then she goes on, "it was everywhere! it was so gross!"

none of us can stop laughing--i take diego's wet shoe (a flip flop from children's place-i think they cost a whole 3 bucks) and aske them to toss it for me--they can't find the other one anyway--so glad i left his shoes on! don't want to even imagine if i had removed them... ewww....

finally diego notices i'm there and comes running. i get his stuff and sign him out... right as i hit the door, the first girl screams out: "I FOUND THE OTHER SHOE!!! IT HAS POOP TOO!!!" which sends us all giggling all over again.

yeah... poop... it's hella funny!

side note... last night we went to see a movie--it was out 8 year anniversary!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

the problem with old stuff..

is that it just feels old too. oh well, it's not for me. and leewitt will certainly love it.