Thursday, July 31, 2008

so my neighbor scraps too

and we took a class together! for me, it was more of a chance to leave diego with a sitter--he needs to be "left" more often and i still don't do that too much. but anyway... it was so much fun! only a few girls took the class and they all knew my neighbor. lots of chatting!

job update... ugh... lol... i interview for two. one i declined... not for me. and the other they went with another teacher-it's okay, i'm cool. lol! i really want K-5 not middle/high right now and that seems to be the only openings. part of me thinks, oh well, i have plan B. very true... i have a plan B. but then, i would love to be able to go to work too. there are things i need to do for myself. is that selfish? no. i think each person needs to decide what he or she needs to do. we all have our own life paths.
oh well... what is meant to be will be.


Unknown said...

That album is adorable!!
Sorry about the jobs. I am sure something will come your way! I will keep you in my prayers!

Leah said...

great album. hope the job thing works out.