Wednesday, July 2, 2008

old mac donald had a farm... {staycation}

so the staycation is going well. cesar is off work for the week and we are doing stuff around town that we never stopped to do before. lots of cool parks here in 1000 oaks! yesterday we almost drove over to the LA zoo but then we decided to head over to underwood farms. very cool little place even if it's a tourist trap! hee hee hee... diego loved it! he was so excited to see all the animals and feed them.

it was a first pony ride for diego! look at that smile... awww... i love that kid! he was totally brave and just pet the pony while riding. he's getting sooo tall! stop growing diego! LOL!

since i'm on vacation too--i have done a little scrapping. i finally called my arizona book done and moved it into the mini book pile. for a mini, it's not that little. it was a stressful really. i thought the size would be fun but it really wasn't. it's too big to be quick and dirty but too small to really embellish it overboard! oh well, lesson learned... nothing bigger than 8 inches for a mini book--at least for me---at least for now.

did a quick and dirty layout of billie joe. ahhh... i can dream of him all night! he's so cute. i just love him. ya know, i love joaquin too and i've never done a layout of him! oooh that's a bad girlfriend--never never made a JP layout! and he's soooo hot in walk the line--even if i don't like country. oh wait, this is about billie joe isn't it... LOL!

have a blessed 4th! we're leaving for sea world in the morning and we won't be back until the 5th. so excited to see best friend/godmother kathy in sea world! she's flying down from oakland to spend the holiday with us! yeah, friends like her ROCK hard!


Anonymous said...

nice blog isnt it?

berto xxx

Unknown said...

How fun!!
Awesome layout!! :)

Leah said...

sounds like a fun. have a great week!

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

You've been nominated check out my blog.