Thursday, June 19, 2008

doing the scrappy dance!

i did it! today i found time to scrap! i've been a little... blah! about the stuff i own. and i really don't want to buy anthing new--i'm trying to "conserve" and be earth friendly... LOL! no really, i'm trying to clean out my stash... things are in the works for this room and one day it will need to be cleaned out. so i'm doing my part by not buying more and using up the stuff i do want. the stuff i need to let go, i'm giving away to my neighbors. too much of a good thing sometimes makes the mind stall. i'm on a mission to CLEAN UP MY ACT! so here is some sharing:

one of my most favorite pictures.... wow... these boys are all of 20 months and 15 months but they already have the boy gene. look at that... they're checking out the bike! sterling and diego seem to really enjoy playing together!

i made a layout of cesar and me! it's not my most favorite picture but it's a decent one. i feel like i've lost weight since that pic but i don't think i really have.

diego... awww.... my baby. i somehow "forgot" that i can print pics in black and white. there is something so nice about black and white.

my first really girly layout in a longgggg time! it's maya's foot! she's one of two. they should be heading to daycare soon... i hope! LOL!!!

gosh... i love this picture... i just LOVE it!

ohhh... FYI: my ipod is dead. still dead. the computer does not "recognize the device" and the ipod is asking me to reload using itunes. i have to accept it's dead. cesar promised me a new one. funny enough... the one i broke is really his... my mom is most right--she called it an overuse injury. yeah... that would be the ticket. i have an ihome, an ipod radio... i live off mine like some do TV. contacted apple--the device is too old for it to be their problem. yeah... i knew that! LOL!


Unknown said...

Awesome LO's!!! I really love the first one!!

Lizee said...

i guess its time for an upgrade! you should get the ipod touch. ill live vicariously through you.

i also forgot about black and white pics...there was a time i was in a black and white kick. theyre such a classic:)

love the foot layout!

Mrs Pretzel said...

overuse injury!! LMAO hope you get a REALLY CUTE one... :P

Leah said...

awesome pages!