Thursday, June 26, 2008

cesar is back from canada!

whew! he's back!!! i hate when he goes---what do you do when the baby is crying "dada" for an hour in the middle of the night? there are no words to soothe him. he just doesn't understand. but this morning diego was just the happiest little boy ever when dad when to get him out of his crib. lot's of happy noise came from his room.

today the twins stayed home. it's a blessing... lol... i needed a day. i took diego to gymboree and he didn't love it like i hoped he would. whatever, no biggie... gymboree is more than i really want to spend on baby and me classes.

cesar picked up our sea world tickets today! i'm sooo excited! i can't wait to go!


Leah said...

ooh! sea world!
and yeah for happy kids and breaks from twins!

Unknown said...

WooHoo!! So happy he is home!!