Friday, May 23, 2008

so busy i don't have time to scrap!

oh soooo busy! so i was being nice and i said i would sit a set of twins until their daycare spot opened up---ugh... lol... no... really, it's not that bad! i still get to sleep all night, they're 4 months so all they do is sleep and eat... sleep and eat... but i just don't have anytime for me anymore! i know as a stay home mom it sometimes seems like i never have time but now i NEVER have time! lol... but it's been great for all of us! they're so cute!

by the way, i cut my hair... it's all gone! i LOVE IT!!!! now, diego won't believe this when he gets older but this week has been filled with a bunch of 1st! so, on tues, he used the spoon and ACTUALLY got food into his mouth for the first time. he also carried his "baby" around and rocked it! wow... that is actually the cutest thing ever! then on wen. he learned to pull up his shirt when i say "where is your belly?" so cute huh? (and so critical for a future havard student!) thurs, wow... thurs was his first escape from the house into the FRONT yard. yeah, my heart stopped when in saw his little head bob by the front window. the back door has been an issue for awhile but the front... omg... i caught him right at the sidewalk. but! wait, thurs he also had a "conversation" on the phone with his grandpa! wow! it was baby talk of course but it was the listen, say something back, listen again, say something again conversation! wow... he's getting sooo mature! last picture is of diego and sterling-which seems to be becoming the new "hot" name in my mommy circle. we now know 2 of them! funny! great name!


Unknown said...

hehehehhe how cute! Love all those firsts! Kids are escape artists! You do have your hands full girlie! Love that pic of you and lil man.

Lizee said...

wow...u are so brave to babysit twins. I wont even dare to babysit one.

Diego on you week of many first!!!

btw those twins better not take up your time on thursday between 9-11pm!!! you have an important date!