Friday, May 23, 2008

so busy i don't have time to scrap!

oh soooo busy! so i was being nice and i said i would sit a set of twins until their daycare spot opened up---ugh... lol... no... really, it's not that bad! i still get to sleep all night, they're 4 months so all they do is sleep and eat... sleep and eat... but i just don't have anytime for me anymore! i know as a stay home mom it sometimes seems like i never have time but now i NEVER have time! lol... but it's been great for all of us! they're so cute!

by the way, i cut my hair... it's all gone! i LOVE IT!!!! now, diego won't believe this when he gets older but this week has been filled with a bunch of 1st! so, on tues, he used the spoon and ACTUALLY got food into his mouth for the first time. he also carried his "baby" around and rocked it! wow... that is actually the cutest thing ever! then on wen. he learned to pull up his shirt when i say "where is your belly?" so cute huh? (and so critical for a future havard student!) thurs, wow... thurs was his first escape from the house into the FRONT yard. yeah, my heart stopped when in saw his little head bob by the front window. the back door has been an issue for awhile but the front... omg... i caught him right at the sidewalk. but! wait, thurs he also had a "conversation" on the phone with his grandpa! wow! it was baby talk of course but it was the listen, say something back, listen again, say something again conversation! wow... he's getting sooo mature! last picture is of diego and sterling-which seems to be becoming the new "hot" name in my mommy circle. we now know 2 of them! funny! great name!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day and there was a week in arizona...

today was special... lol... but again, every weekend feels special to me. so i slept in and made pancakes... i love pancakes! then we went for a nice long walk and then later lunch at enriques. i love enriques! off to the beach and lots of hand holding... awww... i got some MAC make up--and if you know how i am about my COACH bags, then you know the wonder of MAC make up! lots of special wishes from people... that is always nice.

took some cute pictures of my little diego--dude... he's sooo big! it's not even funny anymore! but everyday he does something cute and i just love him even more.

we spent a week in arizona too. we were then the last week of april/first of may. there is a measles outbreak going on there... can you imagine? i was not a happy girl when i found that out! but then i looked around again at the hotel... nice. we stayed at the westin la paloma resort/spa and baked by the pool everyday! diego was a little fish and CRIED each time we had to leave the pool. here's my artistic picture of the cacti on the way into the hotel... like it?

while there we were able to fit in a trip to tombstone-diego loved it until the "real" gunfight took place and scared him into crying. lol-poor thing! he doesn't have words to say, mom, that sound is scary, can we leave now? nope, he just cried!

we also drove to brisbe or something like that--TOTALLY OVERRATED!!! so not worth the drive there. it was fake san francisco for people who have never been to or lived there... nope... i believe we were there all of an hour. very snobby people who smelled... yeah, they thought it was supposed to be berkeley. no, i lived there, you are not the bay area. LOL!

OOOOH! we finally made it the catci place--the national park for the cowboy cacti! it was beautiful! omg... i loved that place and they had a trail paved which was a great hike for us since we travel with the little boy! it was beautiful--i think that was my most favorite place.

what i didn't like was the driving part. it seems like the WHOLE state of AZ is under construction. ugh... it took 3 hrs to drive from tucson to phoenix. it was a LONG drive. we even stopped at the grandpa's house on the way back just to get off the road for a little bit. oh, i have to share! finally, after years of being married, after years of eating out weekly, we went to dennys and "KIDS EAT FREE!!!" dude... diego never gets his own meal but he did then! lol-and dude... he ate it all!!! lol-grilled cheese and fruit salad never go to waste when my boy is around!