Wednesday, April 9, 2008

scrap a play date

hosted a scrap play date at our house today! was nice to hang out with mom's and get some work done while the kids played! diego made a new friend--so nice since this kid usually picks on him when they see each other. of course, last time that happend there was a fight... lol... diego tackled the kid when he had enough. but funny enough, today they were best friends! so nice to be a kid and all problems are solved with a wrestling match!

anywho... totally scraplifted this from marie (my scrap idol!) i copied down to the fake rubon sticking in the corner... LOL... anywho... i love the final product--even with the yellow cardstock!
i did a whole page on my own but it's not what i planned... so i can't use it for my submission for the mojo challenge... (you haven't seen the latest challenge, i say click on button above to check it out... great prizes!) i'm missing the important "office space word" so i'm not going to enter that LO.
my last layout are two of my most favorite pictures this week... gosh... look how the sun is hitting my little diego. and the simple smile of being a boy and having a nice cool sippy... wow... if only life were only this perfect all the time... ah... to be young...


Unknown said...

Ok, those all rock but the first one is AWESOME!!! :)

Unknown said...

Hahahaha you make me laugh! I love ya to death girlie. I think the yellow cs makes that page pop! NAKEY!!! My kids love to run nakey when they were babies! LOVE IT! The other pages are wonderful! You just rock missy!