Thursday, April 10, 2008

real this one bites and some REAL scrapbooking

ouch... it was a nice lunch... first diego is in this mood of trying to share his lunch... so cute really but the thought of eating the pre-chewed food is just YUCK! but then, when lifted to sit in his chair-HE BIT ME!!! omg... totally HURT!!! ouchy!
anyway, there is a new challenge blog on the block! check it out at the challenge is to be real. welll, i think i'm real everyday. hee hee hee... i gave a try and did it my way. it's my boy, my real hard crush... wow... is he hot or what? omg... boys in eyeliner are just YUMMY!!! it's for my oh so lovely art journal which is pieced together with those great boxes you get at the PO.


Unknown said...

So sorry your little man bit you! Haley has bit me once, like 3 weeks ago. I cried and said "That hurts mommy!" and she hasn't done it again, knock on wood.

Great job scrapping my boyfriends! LOL

Leah's Crafty Life said...

FABULOUS artwork.. totally love it.