Monday, April 14, 2008

ouch... sometimes sand can hurt!

so we took the boy over to the beach this weekend (it was 90 something). sad really, we live so close to the beach and never go. but we did this weekend and boy did he have a blast! at first he wasn't so sure he liked the water but once he got used to it--diego was a water loving fool! he was thrilled to watch the waves and jumped when they got close to him.

finally finished my easter egg project. not quiet what i pictured but its cute. i didn't load every picture since you get the idea after a few pages.


vannasmom said...

that is a cute egg book , great picks of thebeach too!!
yes , I found the poppyink , awesome kits too!! O my!!
You want to swap atc cards with me?

Lorelie Kim said...

Love the beach photo!!