Tuesday, April 8, 2008

oh so slow...

so we went to the dermatologist today (dude... he looked just like richard greco sp? from 21 jump street!)... lovely news of course--perhaps diego is still allergic to milk. ugh... so back to square one. oh well. it's going to work itself out won't it? i sure pray it will. he suggested to give diego a bath every other day from now on. yeah, right. have you met my boy? he's the one covering in dirt from head to toe. he's the one who is playing in the mud. cut back on a bath? not likely... he's a smelly kid sometimes... hahaha!

so i've been scrapping! ah, it makes me happy to scrap! too many poppyink kits are here at the house and lately, i can't find that one sheet of paper i need. actually, i've got to list all my primas on craigslist. i hope i can find a buyer--what was i thinking? stupid little flowers are all over the place and i'm sooo over them! lol!

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vannasmom said...

O my I love the play date layout!! Love how you did the photos! What is poppyink?? Thank you for the tally love , I so miss you , gezz I wished we lived close by , me and vanna would be over all the time , and they would play so good together in the mud!! I am sorry to hear he cant have milk no more.. savanna went through that stage , but we gradulaly found out what she could an dcould not have... I still make her cupcakes with applesauce, cause I am scared she will have a bump or something from the eggs.. Take care hope to see you around.. Dont forget to tell me what the poppyink is ????