Monday, April 21, 2008

oh so green!

so it turned out to be earth day weekend over here. we had planned to go to the zoo and when we got there--WOW! they had vendors every where! cesar got a free tree! nice size too. we of course had his car-the WRX isn't that big really. so it was a tight fit. hee hee hee. but of course, the highlight was the bags--the LA zoo was handing out PLASTIC bags to people to collect their goodies! LOL!!! something about that just doesn't seem right... LOL!

gotta share this picture--lol--check out how cesar has the boy! lol-this was the "we are done at the park" moment of the day! he has no idea how hard it is to chase that boy and finally got a nice dose of reality! hee hee hee--is it wrong for me to think this is funny?

a note to my scrappy friends--never know what to do with those "beginner" scrap things? well, just for the record--i've made a little bundle of cash selling my old crap on craigslist! yes!

speaking of scrapping: here's some new work!

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Unknown said...

There is something wrong about that lol! Sooo cool you got a tree and the pages are cute. I seel mine to my moms friends lol!