Tuesday, April 22, 2008

a little birdie told me...

i didn't plan on blogging today---but then i was playing with paper and made something i was struggling with for several days now! i saw someone make these super cute bottle cap scrapbooks and i wanted to do one too but didn't want to do something that small... it's just not me to be that small. so then, i was playing/cleaning out my stash when all of a sudden, the maya road chipboard birds fell out! wow! it hit me--there is my mini scrapbook! its for my mom who broke her arm bowling the other day--ouch! in two places no less--double ouch! and has a trip planned to texas that she can't back out of--triple OUCH! so hopefully this will at least get her there with a smile! it's all her grandsons.

i just had to share my new love with you all too... isn't it cute? you won't believe that it's a real COACH bag i bought for only 15 dollars off of craigslist! isn't it fab? just what i need on a hot summer day!

happy scrapping!

Monday, April 21, 2008

oh so green!

so it turned out to be earth day weekend over here. we had planned to go to the zoo and when we got there--WOW! they had vendors every where! cesar got a free tree! nice size too. we of course had his car-the WRX isn't that big really. so it was a tight fit. hee hee hee. but of course, the highlight was the bags--the LA zoo was handing out PLASTIC bags to people to collect their goodies! LOL!!! something about that just doesn't seem right... LOL!

gotta share this picture--lol--check out how cesar has the boy! lol-this was the "we are done at the park" moment of the day! he has no idea how hard it is to chase that boy and finally got a nice dose of reality! hee hee hee--is it wrong for me to think this is funny?

a note to my scrappy friends--never know what to do with those "beginner" scrap things? well, just for the record--i've made a little bundle of cash selling my old crap on craigslist! yes!

speaking of scrapping: here's some new work!

Monday, April 14, 2008

ouch... sometimes sand can hurt!

so we took the boy over to the beach this weekend (it was 90 something). sad really, we live so close to the beach and never go. but we did this weekend and boy did he have a blast! at first he wasn't so sure he liked the water but once he got used to it--diego was a water loving fool! he was thrilled to watch the waves and jumped when they got close to him.

finally finished my easter egg project. not quiet what i pictured but its cute. i didn't load every picture since you get the idea after a few pages.

Friday, April 11, 2008

memo from mommy

finally! whew! over at one of my most favorite sites, http://www.scrapmojo.blogspot.com/ they've got up the greatest challenge--office stuff! well, it was a struggle to get the office word for me--i've never, never worked in an office! hee hee hee! but the layout came out for me! i'm thrilled with it!
as for the second... i realize i almost skipped diego's big 18 month old layout! with the trip to the ER being the same week we turned 18 months, i almost forgot to scrap his important details. well, we're up to 32 pounds (we now stand on the scale on our own!!!) and we're at 34 inches tall--meaning, we're just as big as most 3 year olds! LOL! (if you want a big one--feed him soy!) today i bought a shirt--4t people! yes! i kid you not! but i have a feeling that shirt line just ran small. most of the time we're in 2 or 3t's still. and feet, a big ole size 7. wow... he's so big!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

real this one bites and some REAL scrapbooking

ouch... it was a nice lunch... first diego is in this mood of trying to share his lunch... so cute really but the thought of eating the pre-chewed food is just YUCK! but then, when lifted to sit in his chair-HE BIT ME!!! omg... totally HURT!!! ouchy!
anyway, there is a new challenge blog on the block! check it out at http://sayitinscrap.blogspot.com/ the challenge is to be real. welll, i think i'm real everyday. hee hee hee... i gave a try and did it my way. it's my boy, my real hard crush... wow... is he hot or what? omg... boys in eyeliner are just YUMMY!!! it's for my oh so lovely art journal which is pieced together with those great boxes you get at the PO.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

scrap a play date

hosted a scrap play date at our house today! was nice to hang out with mom's and get some work done while the kids played! diego made a new friend--so nice since this kid usually picks on him when they see each other. of course, last time that happend there was a fight... lol... diego tackled the kid when he had enough. but funny enough, today they were best friends! so nice to be a kid and all problems are solved with a wrestling match!

anywho... totally scraplifted this from marie (my scrap idol!) i copied down to the fake rubon sticking in the corner... LOL... anywho... i love the final product--even with the yellow cardstock!
i did a whole page on my own but it's not what i planned... so i can't use it for my submission for the mojo challenge... (you haven't seen the latest challenge, i say click on button above to check it out... great prizes!) i'm missing the important "office space word" so i'm not going to enter that LO.
my last layout are two of my most favorite pictures this week... gosh... look how the sun is hitting my little diego. and the simple smile of being a boy and having a nice cool sippy... wow... if only life were only this perfect all the time... ah... to be young...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

oh so slow...

so we went to the dermatologist today (dude... he looked just like richard greco sp? from 21 jump street!)... lovely news of course--perhaps diego is still allergic to milk. ugh... so back to square one. oh well. it's going to work itself out won't it? i sure pray it will. he suggested to give diego a bath every other day from now on. yeah, right. have you met my boy? he's the one covering in dirt from head to toe. he's the one who is playing in the mud. cut back on a bath? not likely... he's a smelly kid sometimes... hahaha!

so i've been scrapping! ah, it makes me happy to scrap! too many poppyink kits are here at the house and lately, i can't find that one sheet of paper i need. actually, i've got to list all my primas on craigslist. i hope i can find a buyer--what was i thinking? stupid little flowers are all over the place and i'm sooo over them! lol!