Monday, March 17, 2008

the drs in the ER are never as cute as on TV

first things first... diego is FINE!!! thank God! but he did visit the ER for the very first time on friday night. seemed like a calm night, cesar and i were watching jeopardy on TV and diego was running from one end of the living room to the kitchen like always. it was then when ces noticed that diego’s breathing sounded "labored." we caught him and made him sit down. that’s when i noticed he was scratching a lot. he’s got excema so there is a lot of scratching often--another no big deal. once jeopardy was over, i went to give diego a bath--again totally normal. there, in the light and the water, i could see he was turning a little red--again, i thought it was another excema flare up. so i called to cesar to bring me some benadryl. he did, i gave it to diego and finished giving him a bath. when dressing him, i noticed "chicken pox" looking dots all over his belly and arms. i got him into his jammies and called cesar over again. we decided to call the dr. while i was dialing and waiting for the service to pick up (it was already 8ish at night so the office was clearly closed) i noticed diego’s mouth was swelling up--mouth... mouth? i’m thinking, labored breath, swollen mouth, his throat might be swelling and he might not be able to breath. i hang up, tell cesar we’re going to the ER. in 5 minutes we have diego, the diaper bag and all our stuff in the car and we’re on the road to the ER.

there, i don’t even finish filling out the paperwork before they take him back. and dress him in a hospital gown... ahhh... my poor baby! then, the hook him up to make sure he’s breathing (on his toe of all places!) as the nurses are checking him out, we’re all watching as the hives become blisters and bigger. by this time i would say a good 80% of his body is covered with hives. luckily the benadryl is keeping him from scratching at them. his little eyes were swelling shut and everything. so hard to see your baby, my little baby, all swollen and just a mess.

the dr comes in later and does a check and gives him a much stronger dose of medication but we have to stay (until 11:30) just to monitor him and be sure his airway is not constricted and that the meds are working. we leave at 11:30 with a baby who is okay!

of course, on sat we had sooo many plans! we were supposed to go to the farm with renee and her little boy. and we were going to try to make it to the easter egg hunt over at the soccer fields but we ended up just going over to topangan mall and doing some shopping. talking diego out into the cold windy air just didn't feel like the right thing to do (even if he was fine by this time).

today we have an appt with his regular ped. i don’t know what is causing all this but i have a feeling it was some shrimp in MY lunch on friday. diego did not eat it but he did grab a few noodles off my plate. that is the only thing i can think of at this point. we’ll see what the ped says. we’re going to an allergists too. we need to get this solved now. prayers, we need a lot of prayers!


Unknown said...

I am soooooo thankful Diego is ok!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! That is sooo scary! But girl you havent had to go to the er until now!?!? I was always in there for raven lol! She had croup however u spell it and then she hurt her elbow and one time she had a fever of 103 man you are lucky in that sense! I hope they find out what it is right away! That is crazy!!!

Unknown said...

Hope all is well. I try not to give anything seafood or peanut related to isabella at all the doc said not until they are 2

Leah's Crafty Life said...

oh my goodness, what a scare!! Do they know what is wrong yet, what may have caused it? So happy he is ok!