Tuesday, February 5, 2008

my camera's home!

and so is cesar! he was in maryland for the week and took my camera. so now i can update with PUDY pictures instead of the scanner. not so nice when things are scanned... lol... so i've been playing with paper. i made a sign for the house, a mailbox to ship off to kathy (SHHHHH) and a canvas for my living room that isn't quiet what i expected... let's see where i end up hanging it if at all--i've got this thing about having my art work in the living room sit on the floor and rest against the walls. very arty if you ask me--lazy if you ask my mom. lol... but the problem is that we have these high valted ceilings and a double chair rail on the wall. if i hang anything, it's going to be higher than eye level and that bugs me.

i voted for my man today! go vote! took the boy with me.

they gave him a sticker and he ate it... lol... life with a 16 month old! oh the joy!


vannasmom said...

great pictures!!
glad your man is home , and vanna foes the same thing , she even likes to eat crayons !!

Amanda Ann said...

awesome Dori. you rock!!

Leah C said...

Oh girl, the projects are gorgeous!!! Love the wall hanging.. and I'm giggling over the sticker snack :)

Leah C said...

pssttt... you've been tagged.. chk my blog for details !

Lizee said...

lovely sign:)
is it on your bedroom door?
it looks romantic:)

Marie said...

Very wonderful stuff my dear!!! Yay for the camera! Yay for life with a 16 month old lol! Eatin stickers yum!!!