Monday, January 21, 2008

us in AZ!!!

well, we finally made it to AZ!!! the last time we were going, i got so sick, we had to cancel the trip. it was diego's first venture out of state! one to write in the baby book! we left TO at 10ish and arrived in el mirage at 6 ish. there were many rest stops on the way! luckily, cesar noticed that diego was in love with his push toy before we left and packed it in the car. mind you, this is a toy the boy never touches anymore--however, that toy brought him much joy at each rest stop. he was a pushing fool!

here's diego in his first AZ appearance. i find that the rest stops in AZ are much nicer than the ones in CA but i'm thinking that's 'cause they're newer in AZ. and while i'm on rest stops, why hasn't anyone added changing tables to the layout? i'm going to write my congress person about that one.
walking the streets of el mirage, diego wasn't sure what the rocks were about. it's funny, no one, or really, very few people have grass. diego wanted to play in the back yard but since grandpa has a pool and NO fence, he was ushered off to the front yard once mom saw diego make a quick rush to the pool. (side note for amanda who lives nearby-we were in the sundial HOA on cherry hills drive right around the corner from dysart high school). actually, diego really enjoyed walking up and down the street with his daddy. the air was clear, the sun was out, the temp was perfect! later we went to the flea market and stripped down to t shirts. funny thing, the natives were all in thick coats. i guess it was really COLD to them. we were hot. i had to get diego a hat since it was so darn sunny and we took the small umbrella stroller and that doesn't have that much shade. once we were done there, we went by the stadium in glendale where the superbowl is going to be and stopped at ross. diego picked up a few outfits courtesy of grandpa!

right before we left, we snapped a few pictures of grandpa, daddy, and diego-our 1st three generation picture. diego was toast by this time and ready for a long nap. we got into my car and headed for a drive through starbucks i had already noticed. steamed cider, grande carmel latte and we were on the road!!! we stayed a whole 24 hours in AZ! lol! i'm bummed we didn't get to stay longer so i could go meet the lovely amanda ann (even if she thinks starbucks is overrated...LOL!) but there will be a next time as long as crazy, opps, i mean sweet grandpa stays there!


Leah said...

sounds like a fun, quick trip

vannasmom said...

sounds like you guys had a great time!!