Monday, January 7, 2008

omg! robin! (and 6 of 50)

soooo ms robin from tally has taken the time to highlight little 'ole me! check out her blog, and see what she's has done! thanks robin, you have made my year!

and i'm sticking to my scrap diet... as hard as it it. i look over all my stuff and think... yuck... i can't even stand to look at it anymore. nothing seems "fun" but oh well, i will make my 50 layouts! oh lookie----> i sewed that little button on! i know, silly but i never even bothered before! i know it's a total rip off (imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery! wink, wink--thanks lizzy) but i like it!

i also made my ever so slow art journal. i wanted to join in on the challenge but it took awhile to figure out what i wanted to do for the "book" part... life is grand when confused... ugh! so here it is... i'm oh so happy with it!

side note, lovely friend jamie sent me some of the most beautiful journals in the mail today... ah yes, they are inspirational! i love the quote on one, "we are the hero of our life story..." isn't that just fab? i so wish i said that! oh yes, i almost forgot... hot obama won iowa! wow... i am in heaven! and for those who are republican... what's the deal with ron paul? i heart him! i'm not so fond of mitt-ewww... something about him seems so darn cocky! if i were republican my
vote would be for ron paul or the guy from AZ-amanda... what's his name? john mccain! yup, him. but i'm not... lol... so my vote so far is for obama but as long as it's one of my top three... you know who they are, i'm peachy keen!


Unknown said...

You're so silly Dori. Well, you know me, I am Republican, and I <3 John McCain. If I were Democrat I think I would probably like Obama too. ;)

Unknown said...

Congrats girlie! THis is a beautiful page!!!!

Crystal said...

awesome work! I love your take on the mojo challenge

Unknown said...

I too love that is awesome...I may have to borrow it sometime...if I can remember it long enough to write it down.!
I'm so glad that you liked your 15 minutes of fame... I had a great time doing it. Be sure to send others over to my blog if they are interested in being highlighted...any type of crafter.

Micayla said...

Just gorgeous!