Saturday, January 5, 2008

happy new year and 4 of 50

happy new year everyone... here's my oh so late holiday letter!

Wow… 2007 is now almost history. A year has passed and amazing things have happened. We have been blessed this year. We started the year with a little pat of butter we called Diego. It’s amazing to reflect back and know at the beginning of the year he was so small and helpless stuck to a bottle. Now, look at him. He runs, he babbles nonstop, and he’s a big boy on sippy cups. Wow! Just amazing! He has really enjoyed being a part of Baby & Me classes as well as the mommy’s group we belong too. He’s working on his running skills right now, always climbing things and finding new corners to explore.

As for Cesar, he has managed to complete his MBA program this year. I am just so proud of him! He makes my heart soar! He is still working as a formulation scientist. He is also very active at the gym and has slimmed down a little-looking mighty hot!

I also returned to classes this year. I only had two more SPED classes to take and now they are both over. I just need to apply to the state for my new credential which I will do as soon as grades are posted. I’ve also been keeping up on all my paper crafting which seems to have taken over the office now that most of the textbooks that we needed are now retired to the closet.

We did a little traveling this year-somewhat harder now that it used to be (SMILE). Early Spring we drove to Sequoia National Park where we saw snow fall from the sky for the first time! It was amazing until Diego woke up in the middle of the night with the flu. It’s never nice to have a sick child so far from your regular pediatrician. Later in the year, we made it over to the Bay Area for a week during the summer and finally, so embarrassed to admit it; we finally went to Alcatraz Island. Wow, what a neat place to visit! In late Fall, we drove down to San Diego and took in the sites. We also took several trips over to Fresno to visit family and friends.

This year has brought new friends as other friendships have drifted… It’s okay, its life! We’re blessed to have met the new ones! The new mom’s I’ve met all seem to understand that a last minute coffee break is always more than a 5 minute jot over to the Coffee Bean and that conversations center on how long the little one will stand to be in his stroller-crying means we must move! I’m really glad to have met the awesome women I have this year! They are certainly a blessing!

2008 is filled with promise… A possible return to work for me; It’s still up in the air. A challenge of using up scrap supplies, a child who is always growing and learning new things, and still more new friends to meet! We have been blessed this year but we look forward to a new year filled with new adventure!

Happy 2008!

two more layout on my scrap diet...


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