Wednesday, January 30, 2008


recycled box, scraps from stickers, left over ribbons, and ugly brads left in the stash! all while watching LOST!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

it's crystal clear baby...

so finally, after a chat with marie, i was "inspired" to do my christmas album. she said it..."why do we hoard the good stuff?" or something to that effect. and ya know, i'm thinking, why am i waiting for something "good" to do with my kits. i have at least 4 poppyink kits and one from tally. so, i did my tally kit-finally making our family christmas album AND low and behold, i have a "HOME" theme poppy kit that will go perfectly with my new loved maya road book from none other than DAWN!!! (thanks SS!!!)

i've started that but chipboard books are so long in the prep! it's okay, i enjoy it! oh yeah, check out my helper in the background... isn't he too cute? lol, i'm sure he's thinking: "crazy!" b

oh yeah, my LSS is having a huge sale today too. i said f it to my scrap diet--too much restriction in life isn't great. besides, 50-75% off clearance! what? it would have been wrong to pass on it... LOL! bought 23 dollars worth-not much but i like what i got. lot's of MME journaling cards and paper-wow... TM is finally buying/ordering boy things... how many times have i had to complain? LOL! but, i must tell ya! they white felt thickers for 1.99! wtf! but of course, the chic who orders at TM doesn't have great taste... so i only got one set. they never got orange or any other "cool" colors. i was telling carrie i should open a store around here since i consider both TM and SBB "beginner" stores. oh well... lol! i don't really want that type of responsibility! never! anywho... i spent 23 dollars on all this stuff! wow! there is a lot more ribbon than what shows in the pic as well as a thingy of chipboard. i mean, some of the crap they were selling-i seriously wonder who they were buying stuff for but some of the stuff was great!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

i'm sooo loved!

i got my tally SS valentines stuff today! omg... just what i asked for! a maya road chipbook shapped like a house!!! i CAN"T wait to start it off! of course, my SS did not tell me who she was and i think i've got a clue... SC postmark, loves owls, and packed chocolate... hum... i emailed one person who i think it might be... stay tuned to find out!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

best life ever...

i'm redoing bob green's best life ever diet. i didn't manage much last year but it's okay. anywho... it's more of a "profound, think about your life" type of diet rather than "don't drink soda" type. and i'm glad for it. i mean, i've had my bitter, i should have never lost weight in the first place moments (i used to be a good 60 lbs more in the past but lost that but never moved down from where i am now). if i never did, i would be the right size for bypass. and then, of course, i could be bitter about bypass--not to say if you got it or will i'll hate you--lol! of course not, i just know in my heart, it's not for me. besides, i have other blessings. and i'm cool with that!

there are three questions i need to answer... i'm toying with my answer for the first one.

question one: why are you overweight?
well... what is the answer? i am because i am. it's easier to be heavy. it's easy to make the argument, oh well, it's just a cupcake and dude, i'm already overweight... lol! cupcakes are good and yummy! actually, that remindes me, i'm also an emotional eater. i eat when i'm stressed--ask heather--lol, i called her today for "no cupcake" support. she was great! thanks heather! i'm over wieght because i hate going to the gym and i like to eat. i'm over weight because i grew up poor and poor people CAN afford fast food. if your mom is a single parent, the last thing she wants to do when she gets home is cook. she stops at jack in the box and for 7 dollars (4 jumbo jacks and two fries) she's got dinner! i don't blame her--i just know where it started.

why still? hum... why still... because i get board with food. i don't cook all that fab but i'm trying and it's a process. i've learned how to read labels lately but it takes time to replace all those habits. in special ed, we call it replacement behaviors and there is a long process. i think i rush into that process when i'm not ready and WHAM... crash and burn... lol.

there are sooo many reasons. i'll think more later... right now, i need some tea.

Monday, January 21, 2008

us in AZ!!!

well, we finally made it to AZ!!! the last time we were going, i got so sick, we had to cancel the trip. it was diego's first venture out of state! one to write in the baby book! we left TO at 10ish and arrived in el mirage at 6 ish. there were many rest stops on the way! luckily, cesar noticed that diego was in love with his push toy before we left and packed it in the car. mind you, this is a toy the boy never touches anymore--however, that toy brought him much joy at each rest stop. he was a pushing fool!

here's diego in his first AZ appearance. i find that the rest stops in AZ are much nicer than the ones in CA but i'm thinking that's 'cause they're newer in AZ. and while i'm on rest stops, why hasn't anyone added changing tables to the layout? i'm going to write my congress person about that one.
walking the streets of el mirage, diego wasn't sure what the rocks were about. it's funny, no one, or really, very few people have grass. diego wanted to play in the back yard but since grandpa has a pool and NO fence, he was ushered off to the front yard once mom saw diego make a quick rush to the pool. (side note for amanda who lives nearby-we were in the sundial HOA on cherry hills drive right around the corner from dysart high school). actually, diego really enjoyed walking up and down the street with his daddy. the air was clear, the sun was out, the temp was perfect! later we went to the flea market and stripped down to t shirts. funny thing, the natives were all in thick coats. i guess it was really COLD to them. we were hot. i had to get diego a hat since it was so darn sunny and we took the small umbrella stroller and that doesn't have that much shade. once we were done there, we went by the stadium in glendale where the superbowl is going to be and stopped at ross. diego picked up a few outfits courtesy of grandpa!

right before we left, we snapped a few pictures of grandpa, daddy, and diego-our 1st three generation picture. diego was toast by this time and ready for a long nap. we got into my car and headed for a drive through starbucks i had already noticed. steamed cider, grande carmel latte and we were on the road!!! we stayed a whole 24 hours in AZ! lol! i'm bummed we didn't get to stay longer so i could go meet the lovely amanda ann (even if she thinks starbucks is overrated...LOL!) but there will be a next time as long as crazy, opps, i mean sweet grandpa stays there!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

sexy mama... (9 of 50)

sometimes i think we think about weight too much at this time of the year. i was feeling sorta down about it but then... LOL... can you believe, it's the pussycat dolls... buttons came on the ipod and yes, that line "i'm a sexy mama..." got me thinking. i am sexy! you're damn right you're lucky to have me! lol... here's my ego layout...

diego is silly... each day i spend with him he reminds me that silly time is important... we went to playsource with nikki and nathan yesterday and when i uploaded the pictures, i always crack up at these boys. we were talking about how they both have lawn mowers at home but yet NEVER touch them. what did they do the 2 hrs we were there? LOVED those lawn mowers!!! maybe we need some fake grass too... i dunno... maybe it's just a boy thing.

Monday, January 14, 2008

the darios' increased by 100%

michelle and dominic had their twins! wow... wow... they're almost out numbered. congrats!!! one girl, one boy! and they are going be fine in the end... right now the need a little help.

now, i was talking to cesar about this last night but to parents of twins feel cheated? i mean, i know it's rough the first few months but there are moments where you get to bond and just be together. with twins, are you always on survival mode? do you have time with two to sit back and say, "yes, this is special?" or are you so over worked that you miss that? and the bonding... the twins were rushed to the NICU as soon as they were born. they missed that bonding time. sure, i missed a little 'cause of the c-section but after they brought diego back to me and i could hold him all i wanted too. hum... just thinking... just wondering...

so i made a mailbox for them. cesar is taking it to them today. it's a baby theme with some baby socks inside!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

the hardest day of the year... (1/13/09)

it's been 10 years today. ten years ago my dad passed. ten years. he wasn't perhaps the greatest dad but he was the only one we had. we loved him with all his faults. actually, his faults made us stonger, better people. he loved us and we knew it. everyday of his life, we knew we were loved. in ten years he's missed all 5 of his grandson's births, his son's wedding, his daughter's wedding... he's missed watching all the wonderful things we can now celebrate. of course, everything happens for a reason but what is the reason? i pray to learn the lesson everyday... what was the lesson? what it our lesson to learn? what i do know is that i miss him. i know he's in a better place; i know he is able to see us but it's not the same.

a phone call in the middle of the night, my brother's birthday spent planning a funeral, confusion of where, why, how... children who do not have a father anymore, children who will never know their grandfather. he's gone. he's always going to be gone.

lulu, the 60's pop singer, it's a joke... my dad always claimed to have dated her. i can't remember how many times we all watched "to sir, with love" with him. when the song came on the radio... lol, again, "i dated her." i don't think it's true. it doesn't even matter that it isn't. it was a story i'm sticking with...

Those schoolgirl days, of telling tales and biting nails are gone,
But in my mind,I know they will still live on and on,
But how do you thank someone, who has taken you from crayons to perfume?
It isn't easy, but I'll try,
If you wanted the sky I would write across the sky in letters,
That would soar a thousand feet high,
To Sir, with Love
The time has come,
For closing books and long last looks must end,
And as I leave,I know that I am leaving my best friend,
A friend who taught me right from wrong,
And weak from strong,That's a lot to learn,
What, what can I give you in return?
If you wanted the moon I would try to make a start,
But I, would rather you let me give my heart,
To Sir, with Love

happy birthday robert... tomorrow... you'll be as old as dirt! i love ya!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

so ready for valentine's day...

ahhh... can you feel the love? i heart valentine's day. it's one of my favoritest holidays. i think it comes from the fact (and you can look this up but trust me) teachers get the very most valentine's each year. yup... lol... at least teachers get SOMEthing! for all their unpaid work! LOL. i think i miss working the most on valentine's day.

so today i figured it was time to give these little babies a try. i am so in love with my own work! LOL-i just love how the mailbox turned out. i bought 5 of these so i will be posting more later... i know i want my second one to be hella funky... like pink and green but because of the scrap diet, i can't go buy what i have in mind but i'm sure there is something along the lines of what i'm thinking in my own stash. orange, pink, green, i'm feeling so lisa lobe today--maybe because i watched benny & joon the other day? wait--it's reality bites... oh, whatever! my inner diva is so lisa lobe-nerdy yet uber cute school teacher... oh wait... i was talking about my mailbox--ahhh, to be so ADD... whatever...

random side note=walked 3 miles today (i have a goal of 5 per day) and i joined the other girls in tally on walking to iraq and back! click on the link to learn more.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

you know i'm no good... (8 of 50)

gosh... i love me some amy winehouse! is she not fab? dude... someone get her some help...

so today i did some work! i'm so proud! lol... here is my first art journal entry. we were to take a word and create a layout. well, lately, i've been thinking too much and not enjoying the ride. so here's mine... {play} attention. the journaling reads" this time is too important to worry about later..."
the other is a quick... just wanted to get that scrapped type of thing. it's our 1st picture of the year!

Monday, January 7, 2008

omg! robin! (and 6 of 50)

soooo ms robin from tally has taken the time to highlight little 'ole me! check out her blog, and see what she's has done! thanks robin, you have made my year!

and i'm sticking to my scrap diet... as hard as it it. i look over all my stuff and think... yuck... i can't even stand to look at it anymore. nothing seems "fun" but oh well, i will make my 50 layouts! oh lookie----> i sewed that little button on! i know, silly but i never even bothered before! i know it's a total rip off (imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery! wink, wink--thanks lizzy) but i like it!

i also made my ever so slow art journal. i wanted to join in on the challenge but it took awhile to figure out what i wanted to do for the "book" part... life is grand when confused... ugh! so here it is... i'm oh so happy with it!

side note, lovely friend jamie sent me some of the most beautiful journals in the mail today... ah yes, they are inspirational! i love the quote on one, "we are the hero of our life story..." isn't that just fab? i so wish i said that! oh yes, i almost forgot... hot obama won iowa! wow... i am in heaven! and for those who are republican... what's the deal with ron paul? i heart him! i'm not so fond of mitt-ewww... something about him seems so darn cocky! if i were republican my
vote would be for ron paul or the guy from AZ-amanda... what's his name? john mccain! yup, him. but i'm not... lol... so my vote so far is for obama but as long as it's one of my top three... you know who they are, i'm peachy keen!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

happy new year and 4 of 50

happy new year everyone... here's my oh so late holiday letter!

Wow… 2007 is now almost history. A year has passed and amazing things have happened. We have been blessed this year. We started the year with a little pat of butter we called Diego. It’s amazing to reflect back and know at the beginning of the year he was so small and helpless stuck to a bottle. Now, look at him. He runs, he babbles nonstop, and he’s a big boy on sippy cups. Wow! Just amazing! He has really enjoyed being a part of Baby & Me classes as well as the mommy’s group we belong too. He’s working on his running skills right now, always climbing things and finding new corners to explore.

As for Cesar, he has managed to complete his MBA program this year. I am just so proud of him! He makes my heart soar! He is still working as a formulation scientist. He is also very active at the gym and has slimmed down a little-looking mighty hot!

I also returned to classes this year. I only had two more SPED classes to take and now they are both over. I just need to apply to the state for my new credential which I will do as soon as grades are posted. I’ve also been keeping up on all my paper crafting which seems to have taken over the office now that most of the textbooks that we needed are now retired to the closet.

We did a little traveling this year-somewhat harder now that it used to be (SMILE). Early Spring we drove to Sequoia National Park where we saw snow fall from the sky for the first time! It was amazing until Diego woke up in the middle of the night with the flu. It’s never nice to have a sick child so far from your regular pediatrician. Later in the year, we made it over to the Bay Area for a week during the summer and finally, so embarrassed to admit it; we finally went to Alcatraz Island. Wow, what a neat place to visit! In late Fall, we drove down to San Diego and took in the sites. We also took several trips over to Fresno to visit family and friends.

This year has brought new friends as other friendships have drifted… It’s okay, its life! We’re blessed to have met the new ones! The new mom’s I’ve met all seem to understand that a last minute coffee break is always more than a 5 minute jot over to the Coffee Bean and that conversations center on how long the little one will stand to be in his stroller-crying means we must move! I’m really glad to have met the awesome women I have this year! They are certainly a blessing!

2008 is filled with promise… A possible return to work for me; It’s still up in the air. A challenge of using up scrap supplies, a child who is always growing and learning new things, and still more new friends to meet! We have been blessed this year but we look forward to a new year filled with new adventure!

Happy 2008!

two more layout on my scrap diet...