Saturday, December 8, 2007

the tree is up!

it was grand fun! we finally got our house lights up and the tree trimmed. so it sat in the house for a few days but hey, we knew we had a plan! with warm cookies-i baked peanut butter blossoms, you know, the ones with the "kiss" in the center--YUMMY! it's the tallest tree we've ever had! it's about 9 feet tall? it's huge!

we took tuns watching the boy. he was confused, amused that a tree was now in the house-he laughs at it as if to say, there is something not right but hey, that's just the way my parents are. it's almost not right: he's so young but already, his 1st christmas ornaments are so nostalgic... awww... my baby!

and of course, there is a little nightmare... it wouldn't be MY house without a little nightmare!


Unknown said...

I'm coming over and stealing that ornament!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Of course and I wouldnt luv you as much if u didnt have a little nightmare on that Tree! LMAO! I wanna see the whole thing! Lights and all. So cool!