Wednesday, December 19, 2007

sugar rush! {and 2of 50}

today i hosted my first cookie swap and gingerbread man decorating play date! whew... that's a mouthful! it was grand fun to see my neighbors and friends meet and chat while having coffee and sharing cookies! cookies do sooo much for women! yah! lol...

so nikki brought these amazing peanut butter dainties (peanut butter fudge!)

try it, you'll like it!

peanut butter dainties

1 stick of butter
1 package of butterscotch chips (11 oz)
1 cup creamy peanut butter
2 cups flavored/colored marshmellows
melt butter, butterscotch and peanut butter together on low heat until smooth. put whole pot in the fridge for approx 8-10 minutes. mix in marshmallows. line pan with wax paper and pour mixture in. put in fridge to cool.
omg... devine!
did two scrap pages... i'm going to give TS a run for the DT. who knows...


Amanda Ann said...

wonderful LO's!!! {no surprise there, LOL} ;)
hmmm... cookie swaps sound fun. i really need to find some parents with kids haley's age around here!!

Leah said...

Oh the cookie set up look so festive, and the dainties sound like something right up my ally! Crossing my fingers for you for the DT, such pretty pages!

Marie said...

Those are super awesome Layouts! Love them! You are gonna give them a run for their money. Goodluck! Those cookies look yummy.

Marie said...

Is one for the mojo challenge because the photobucket link isnt working lol!

vannasmom said...

Very good pages!
Those cookies look yummy!
The reciepe looks good too!

Rachael said...

So fun!!

Your layouts look great!

Merry Christmas!

Marie said...

Just say its on my blog and we will find it as long as u say this is the layout for scrapmojo...Which one is it?

Leah said...

Time to update this thing *tap tap* ;)