Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i need to buy ribbon

i made a little treat for one of the girls in my EDSS class. heather has become a blessing to know. she's just one of those people you feel you've known your whole life... she gave me a COACH wristlet--she noticed mine and asked if i was a fan and of course, you know i am! so we talked COACH and MAC and then she told me she was going to list her white COACH wristlet on ebay? i forget now but then later she gave it to me for helping her with her work in the class.... awww... that is so sweet! so i decided to make her this little treat! i need some more ribbon of course but i love this line of paper which is so unlike me... anna griffin? oh lordy... she's like so old school but the hot pink and lime green--that is so me!

side note: how does one photograph ornaments in a "dark" house? i've tried and all i get is reflection... ugh!!!

baby it's cold outside... right now it's 47. tomorrow i'm staying in... a day of scrappin' is in order!

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Unknown said...

You know I have no idea you just play with the settings till something comes out cool...or at least that is what I do lol! Love the mini book and that was sweet of her! I have yet to take any clever pics of my tree yet! I need to. What a bad scrapper.