Monday, December 17, 2007

erasure of culture? i think not...

so this weekend we were privy to an armenian baptism (seems to be baptism season in our world-that or we all had kids at the same time so...). wow, again, i'm struck by the simple beauty of culture. everything was in armenian; the invitations, the music, the food (and man oh man was that food YUMMY!) everything was so centered around some themes we did not know. it was so fun! watching the families partake in the dancing... it sure looked like fun and it was most fitting to watch the youngest children who already seemed to know the dances. ah... yes, this is what makes america beautiful. it's not that we are a "melting pot" but a place to mix and recreate, redefine what it is to be AMERICAN. not to mention that we were the latino family seated with the chinese family and the indian family who each brought a touch of their culture to the table as well.
shaker's daughter was so lovely dressed in a traditional indian dress. she was a little beauty! when other's rant and rave of assimilation, do they not see that there is beauty in difference? i'm not talking about people who refuse to learn the american culture-that's a whole different blog... ah yes, to celebrate culture... that's what is fundamentally american...

i bought diego a hat. actually, he's got the PJ's that match but those are for christmas eve. i even found him a pair of UGGS. yes... i bought them... they're worth the 50 bucks they cost. i'm not one to spend lots of money on stuff like that normally but they're the cutest things and he's such a little ham! and you know what? i like my son to be the "cute kid" at the party!
made this for one of my fellow tallyscrappers! it's for myra... she's a sweety so i'm glad she's getting it... actually, they're all so sweet i would have been happy to make any of them something. never again will i try to alter something so small... man my fingers hurt! and, i think i've been making the mistake of trying paper that is just too "safe." f it, i've got too much "good paper" to save! i'm ready to give away all my beginner paper but just don't want to spend money shipping it to someone... oh well, treasured memories will be holding their annual "paper drive" in feb so then i can donate it to them.

on a side note... i finally finished my last SPED class and feel a little anti climatic. yup, i'm now the proud owner of two teaching credentials but i wonder if i should have just done my masters instead? oh well, i know i will, i know i will but it just doesn't have that "whew!" feeling i was hoping for.

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Great job on the bood house!