Sunday, November 4, 2007

like santa claus said, you're a ho, ho, ho...

LOL_just teasing... saw this list on another site and i thought i would share!

GIVE CELEBRATION:advent calendar
nativity dress up
birthday cake for Jesus (cake mix, frosting, baby Jesus, candle)
"a caroling we go" (song sheets, jingle bells, candles, hot chocolate)
christmas books (unwrap one a day/week for December)
something Christ centered (music, art, books)
neighbor basket with Christmas DVD
new years eve party suppliesnew years day party supplies
doorknob sachet (a cinch to make out of burlap, potpourri, ribbon)
something green (flowers, bulbs, wheat grass) ---an example she had, take a ceramic pot, put in a clear bag of tulip bulbs, tie a pretty ribbon around the bag, put it in the pot, put a ceramic lid/plate on top of the pot, tie a ribbon around the pot. GREAT GIFT!)

GIVE FLAVOR:homemade hot fudge
cookie dough (formed in refridgerated logs, great for a busy teacher)
mulled cider mixrecipe box (of family favorites)
bowl by the door (ups man, home teachers, unexpected visitor) ---an example she had, she took some pretzel rods that she covered half way with chocolate, put 3 to a bag, tied the bag with ribbon, and put them in a bowl by the door. So when the ups man, or whoever came by, they'd have an unexpected gift, but know that they were appreciated!
homemade spaghetti sauce
something savory
bird feeder and seed (for someone who loves birds)

GIVE FUN:childrens artwork for dads office
memberships to local museum/theatre
snow globes (distilled water, glycerin, glitter)
hide and seek jar or pillow
"table topics" game
art supplies
disposable camera, coupon for developing, album
felt tic-tac-toe or checkers with bean bags
something educational (globe, chalkboard, reference book)

GIVE HOMEMADE:homemade candlesfleece or wool throw
magnetic frame or chalkboard, magnets---an idea she had, she had some tin roofing, then painted on some chalkboard paint, and then punched some holes in it, tied some really pretty 1 1/2 inch pink ribbon to hang it up. Then she included some magnets she made. She took those big clear rocks, some people use them in fish tanks for the rocks, but these were about an inch wide, then she cut circles out of patterened paper, mod podged those on the backs, so the pattern showed thru, then glued magnet strips on the back, and wa-LAH, youve got magnets!stitchings, wall hangingspicture frame (mosaic, wood easel, altered)
microwavable neck wrap or eye mask (buckwheat or rice with essential oils)
fireplace basket, sachets (citrus peels, cinnamon sticks, rosemary, pinecones)
lip gloss
bath salts or soap
hand embroidery (bag, album cover)

GIVE KINDNESS:babysitting for neighbors, friends while they shop
detail appliances
trade favors for hospital patients
neighborhood open
houseclean, clean car
take family photos(those who seldom get remembered)

GIVE LEISURE:reading corner (big pillows and basket of books)
magazing subscriptions (order now, cheap on ebay
ribbon/photo bookmark
luggage tags, travel accesoriespersonal mix CD
camping equipment

GIVE MEMORIES:christmas family album
family history information, photos
childhood favorites (toys, books, candy)
tribute album
family heirlooms
hometown memorabilia

GIVE SMART:encourage a hobby/sport, new supplies
storage boxes
grab and go binder (important documents)
shoe shine kit
etched pyrex (great for potlucks)
something practical (paper cutter, sharpies)
stationary, cards, wrapping, tags
apron with pockets
january organization
items for upcoming events (travel, baby announcements)
souveniers from vacation
holiday binder (notes, music, activities, recipes, ideas, calendar)
winter car kit

GIVE THE UNEXPECTED:something girly for him (bath and body, candle)
toys for grown ups (trashcan basketball, remote control car)
learn to play a favorite song (shhh practice in secret)
try something new
tools for her
something you've procrastinated
someting out of print

GIVE STYLE:canvas tote bag (embroidered, iron on, stenciled)
tote bag insert (always needed for extra pockets)
embroiedered linens
hairclips and head bands
fringed wool scarf
handmade jewelry
ribbon key ring

GIVE TALENT:supplies-time-talent
teach how to knit or scrapbook together
what they really want: you, your time, your talent

GIVE YOUNG:homemade playdough and kitchen utensils
felt mat for cars or trains (make it big!)
wooden blocks (for play or display name)
puppet show supplies (tension rod for doorway)
snowflake kit (ream of paper and scissors)
"snow day" (pie wieght hand warmers too)
bath toys (craft foam shapes, funnels, etc)
snuggle square (soft and little to travel with)
junior cooking suppliesdress up/costume box
burp clothes (use cloth diapers as base)
"dad's tools"
bath towels
something that stays at grandma's

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