Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i want to be an elf (they make everything)

so, i tally i needed to misquote and mojo, i had to "be the holiday!" oh fun! lol, here's what i came up with-ta da!

i took the bumper sticker "i wanna be barbie, that bitch has everything!" i changed it to "i wanna be an elf, they make everything!"


Unknown said...

I so love the way this turned out Dori!!!

Unknown said...

Looks awesome!! Is the "be" on there but I just dont see it? I think im missin it. Im a nerd!

Unknown said...

hahahaha im sorry!!! :) I thought u wanted the nightmare christmas layout...I think we need to do a photoswap! Im gonna try to find a pic of you on ur myspace i can use and make a page of ya. hehehehe!