Sunday, October 7, 2007

visit to the pumpkin patch

ah yes, the pumpkin patch. first, i have to say that they are a rip off... come on now, 7 dollars for a freaking pumpkin? whatever! and you know you MUST take the kids... dude, i have one, how do those with 4 do it?

but wait, yes, it was fun! i made sure we had some spooky music on the ipod so i had already created a playlist of scary stuff! and it was nice a cool so we all had jeans on. so diego doesn't get what we're doing as much as we do-yeah, i know it's more for us than for him but it's really so much fun! we wandered, saying we were going to get him the pumpkin HE picked out. but the first 8 of them, they were UGLY. i was not about to buy an ugly pumpkin. we had a great time taking pictures, wandering around, watching the other kids running and yelling... all so excited about a holiday that is still more far than near...

overall, it was a wonderful day!


Amanda Ann said...

I'm so glad you had a great time!

Marie said...

That is a great pic! I love halloween!