Wednesday, October 3, 2007


for the tally, we were supposed to do a layout with this quote, "she just had a way of brightening the day." i really wanted to do my best friend kathy.... she always brightens my day... she is who i call for everything. the problem is she lives in oakland and i'm in thousand oaks. we're a good 300 miles apart. the last time i saw her was in july for diego's baptism (she is his godmother). none of the pictures from that really fit since the pics are of her, my brother joey, and his wife rosie since they'll all his godparents (we made sure he was covered! LOL)

so today i was thinking of taking the by-i think we can miss 3 challenges in all, but then, i found this picture and thought... wasn't he crying? didn't i pick him up and he just stopped? don't i brighten his day?

so this is the end result... i like it.


Unknown said...

I like it too!! I think it is great!!!

Unknown said...

Awww thats sooo pretty! I love it!