Thursday, October 25, 2007


so, diego has been having some issues sleeping. for the past month he won't go to sleep for a long time. we were rocking him to sleep but it stopped working. same thing with the naps. so, i looked online, talked to other moms, talked to the dr and they all suggested letting him cry it out. well... after 3 days of it... i don't know if i'm hardwired to let him cry it out. last night was a whole hour. i go check on him every few minutes so it's not like i'm just leaving him there. i forced myself to go take a shower so i wouldn't hear him. i totally wish he took a pacifier since i hear that helps... he hates them! LOL. right now, blessings, it only took 20 minutes of crying for him to nap. i'm trying to stick to it... he's been sooo easy with everything else, no bottles anymore, no stranger anxiety, he acts fine in the store, i guess this is our "burden."
i guess i need to know i'm a good mom even if i'm letting him cry it out. it just breaks my heart but he needs to sleep and we honestly need private adult time too.


Unknown said...

Oh man. I totally know what you mean. I know you are a WONDERFUL mom. Don't let anyone tell you differently! We had to do that with Haley at one point. After 3 or 4 days she was ok tho. Now she just talks to herself until she goes to sleep. BIG HUGS FOR YOU!!!

On another note, I tagged you! LOL
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I hope Diego starts sleeping better. :(

Unknown said...

Yeah it is very hard to let them cry! But you gotta do it girlie if u want that adult time lol! It will work eventually but it takes a while. :)

Kristi said...

Gawd I remember those days with my little brother. It's so hard and incredibly frustrating. I think he eventually got over it and I'm sure Diego will grow through it too. Good luck chickie, I understand your frustration!