Friday, October 5, 2007


it's a long time in coming but i've decided that my halloween must go. ah yes, all those orange and green, they're so nice... but i feel halloween "adult." so this year, we are moving on. i've scraplifted a million ideas, created a folder of all my goodies--have you watched witch craft on DIY--wonderful ideas! and then tonight... it was the final straw, i had pumpkin pie... so tomorrow, right after i'm done with my stupid paper i need to write (YES, another one...) i'm going apothescaries crazy!

i adore it really, it's so perfect! the wonderful mixture of black & white... shades of gray mixed in for good measure, this is what MY halloween should look like.
pottery barn has this look in their latest catty but these images are from better homes & gardens. i don't have those exact types of glass jars but i have something similar that will work wonderful too! ah yes, fall is truly in the air!

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Unknown said...

I hear ya!!! I have fallen in love with the ideas in the Martha Stewart Halloween Holiday issue... go figure. LOL