Thursday, October 25, 2007


so, diego has been having some issues sleeping. for the past month he won't go to sleep for a long time. we were rocking him to sleep but it stopped working. same thing with the naps. so, i looked online, talked to other moms, talked to the dr and they all suggested letting him cry it out. well... after 3 days of it... i don't know if i'm hardwired to let him cry it out. last night was a whole hour. i go check on him every few minutes so it's not like i'm just leaving him there. i forced myself to go take a shower so i wouldn't hear him. i totally wish he took a pacifier since i hear that helps... he hates them! LOL. right now, blessings, it only took 20 minutes of crying for him to nap. i'm trying to stick to it... he's been sooo easy with everything else, no bottles anymore, no stranger anxiety, he acts fine in the store, i guess this is our "burden."
i guess i need to know i'm a good mom even if i'm letting him cry it out. it just breaks my heart but he needs to sleep and we honestly need private adult time too.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunday, October 7, 2007

oooh yeah, that's MY house!

WOW! so, i bought these on sale a few years ago and never opened them. i was planning to use them last year but because of the baby, i didn't do anything... just a few pumpkins and candy. this year, we're doing halloween! so today, i pulled these out and WOW... to my surprise, they were much bigger than i planned on. actually, these are HUGE! of course, what's my house without a nightmare? hee hee hee...

visit to the pumpkin patch

ah yes, the pumpkin patch. first, i have to say that they are a rip off... come on now, 7 dollars for a freaking pumpkin? whatever! and you know you MUST take the kids... dude, i have one, how do those with 4 do it?

but wait, yes, it was fun! i made sure we had some spooky music on the ipod so i had already created a playlist of scary stuff! and it was nice a cool so we all had jeans on. so diego doesn't get what we're doing as much as we do-yeah, i know it's more for us than for him but it's really so much fun! we wandered, saying we were going to get him the pumpkin HE picked out. but the first 8 of them, they were UGLY. i was not about to buy an ugly pumpkin. we had a great time taking pictures, wandering around, watching the other kids running and yelling... all so excited about a holiday that is still more far than near...

overall, it was a wonderful day!

Friday, October 5, 2007


it's a long time in coming but i've decided that my halloween must go. ah yes, all those orange and green, they're so nice... but i feel halloween "adult." so this year, we are moving on. i've scraplifted a million ideas, created a folder of all my goodies--have you watched witch craft on DIY--wonderful ideas! and then tonight... it was the final straw, i had pumpkin pie... so tomorrow, right after i'm done with my stupid paper i need to write (YES, another one...) i'm going apothescaries crazy!

i adore it really, it's so perfect! the wonderful mixture of black & white... shades of gray mixed in for good measure, this is what MY halloween should look like.
pottery barn has this look in their latest catty but these images are from better homes & gardens. i don't have those exact types of glass jars but i have something similar that will work wonderful too! ah yes, fall is truly in the air!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


for the tally, we were supposed to do a layout with this quote, "she just had a way of brightening the day." i really wanted to do my best friend kathy.... she always brightens my day... she is who i call for everything. the problem is she lives in oakland and i'm in thousand oaks. we're a good 300 miles apart. the last time i saw her was in july for diego's baptism (she is his godmother). none of the pictures from that really fit since the pics are of her, my brother joey, and his wife rosie since they'll all his godparents (we made sure he was covered! LOL)

so today i was thinking of taking the by-i think we can miss 3 challenges in all, but then, i found this picture and thought... wasn't he crying? didn't i pick him up and he just stopped? don't i brighten his day?

so this is the end result... i like it.