Saturday, September 8, 2007

who cares if johnny can't read?

wow... what an eye opener! i just read this article for class and i just have to say, there are some points the author is making that i've discussed with friends. so, if you have a chance, read the article at it's Who Cares If Johnny Can't Read? by Larissa Mac Farquhar. the whole TV thing... yes! have we not discussed that? of course, i have the spin of "small child" hitched on my thinking.... what is life to a small child? is the mear act of going outside no more, no less that what he could see on TV? diego, his young 11 month old mind, does he know we are at the zoo? is there a difference from the zoo to target? or is it all the same to him? which will lead us to TV. the american ped... blah, blah, blah, recommends that no child under 2 watch TV. well, i've tried to stick to that, i don't buy the whole baby einstein thing anyway, but how is watching something on TV, something educational like blue planet any different that going outside and walking to the park? come now, diego doesn't walk. he rides in a stroller. most of the time, he interested in the toys he takes with him, not the lovely flowers or the birds somewhere off in the distance where he can't even focus on. and the same goes for TV. we watch a lot of discovery channel and things like that (we're nerds) and yes, i will point out, duck, bird, or whatever and diego might watch for a few seconds (his attention span is very age approprate!) then go back to playing with his toys. he just doesn't care yet.

now, the whole idea of passive TV watching versus the idea of active reading makes me think too. the argument is who makes images in their head while reading? hum... i never thought of it like that but yes, i don't make pictures, i have feelings, i have connections but images? no... and when watching TV, we're passive since we're not thinking, we're watching... but then again, i'm a LOST fan and watch general hospital daily. i have to admit, i'm always thinking... why, why, why... and i discuss these things with others (i have other LOST fans/friends and belong to several GH groups). we come up with theories, ideas, suggestions, and always wonder what will happen next... how much more active can TV become?

makes me think... does it matter to be WELL read?

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