Tuesday, September 25, 2007

we met the mouse!

so for diego's very first b day, we wanted to do something special, something dramatic--we took him to disneyland!!! now, this wasn't a "let's drive to disneyland and spend the day" type of trip. this was a invite all the cousins (there are 4 boys) over to the house, make a huge breakfast, pile up into two, TWO cars and drive down to disneyland. we hit traffic, suprise, but we ended up making good time. we got there at noon and walked right in since cesar bought all the tickets at work. wow... people, you wouldn't believe it but that park was just empty!!! there were no huge crowds, no lines, no jumbles of people walking all over us! we walked right up to pluto and all the kids took pictures with him. then we went on the train around the whole park, took the fire engin to the middle, and hit up all the fantasyland rides... all of them! all before 2 ish... at 2/3, we stopped for lunch and let the kids just run around, chase ducks, all the fun stuff they wanted to do. then we went to see nemo, a 20 minute wait... longest wait of the day. we watched the jedi training show, and that's when diego decided to nap. my nephews kept on taking rides. but cesar and i took diego for a nice long walk over to the nightmare store. then, when diego woke up, we took a ride on the honeypots! so fun! after meeting back up, the big kids, ces, joey, rosie, and eddie all went on spooky rides. diego, joey jr. and me went on the tea cups, twice. after a stop at the mad hatter (where everyone got a hat) we watched the parade, rode it's a small world, and called it a day! it was already 8 and the park closed at 8 that night which was perfect since we all were tired. at home, it was a round of pizza and conversations of "i can't believe how empty the park was." it was a great b day!!!

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Unknown said...

WOW!!! That is great! 20 minutes for Nemo?!? Me sis and BIL haven't seen that line sorter than 90 minutes!!

Glad you guys had a good time!!!