Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Halloween. What was it like when you were a kid? Do you allow your own kids to go out on this night? Do you attend Halloween parties or do you HAVE th

wow... what a question... in the past, it was always a night of pizza, beer, and handing out candy. i'm huge on the holiday... nightmare before christmas is my favorite movie ever! decorate the whole house... everything, down to towels in the bathroom.

then we moved to TO. then cesar & i went back to school, suddently, only one of use has been home the past 3 years. last year, diego was just born so only a few pumpkins graced out doorway.

this year... wow... we're already planning! we're both going to be home, we've decided to get a set of pumpkin bowls from costplus with the matching pumpkin tureen and we'll make chili. this weekend, we're looking for diego's first costume! yah! we've already hit up the halloween super store for ideas. yes, this will be a spooky one!

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Unknown said...

OMg how fun! I love halloween i wish i could come over lol!!!!