Wednesday, September 26, 2007

just one year

for a challenge, i had to take the layout a person made and scraplift what i liked. now, the girl in front of me, as sweet as she is, is more beginner than i am. so i struggled... and struggled... i'm happy with the overall look. i was going to add more journaling but when i looked at it, i thought no-- a picture says a thousand words... leave it be...

Halloween. What was it like when you were a kid? Do you allow your own kids to go out on this night? Do you attend Halloween parties or do you HAVE th

wow... what a question... in the past, it was always a night of pizza, beer, and handing out candy. i'm huge on the holiday... nightmare before christmas is my favorite movie ever! decorate the whole house... everything, down to towels in the bathroom.

then we moved to TO. then cesar & i went back to school, suddently, only one of use has been home the past 3 years. last year, diego was just born so only a few pumpkins graced out doorway.

this year... wow... we're already planning! we're both going to be home, we've decided to get a set of pumpkin bowls from costplus with the matching pumpkin tureen and we'll make chili. this weekend, we're looking for diego's first costume! yah! we've already hit up the halloween super store for ideas. yes, this will be a spooky one!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

we met the mouse!

so for diego's very first b day, we wanted to do something special, something dramatic--we took him to disneyland!!! now, this wasn't a "let's drive to disneyland and spend the day" type of trip. this was a invite all the cousins (there are 4 boys) over to the house, make a huge breakfast, pile up into two, TWO cars and drive down to disneyland. we hit traffic, suprise, but we ended up making good time. we got there at noon and walked right in since cesar bought all the tickets at work. wow... people, you wouldn't believe it but that park was just empty!!! there were no huge crowds, no lines, no jumbles of people walking all over us! we walked right up to pluto and all the kids took pictures with him. then we went on the train around the whole park, took the fire engin to the middle, and hit up all the fantasyland rides... all of them! all before 2 ish... at 2/3, we stopped for lunch and let the kids just run around, chase ducks, all the fun stuff they wanted to do. then we went to see nemo, a 20 minute wait... longest wait of the day. we watched the jedi training show, and that's when diego decided to nap. my nephews kept on taking rides. but cesar and i took diego for a nice long walk over to the nightmare store. then, when diego woke up, we took a ride on the honeypots! so fun! after meeting back up, the big kids, ces, joey, rosie, and eddie all went on spooky rides. diego, joey jr. and me went on the tea cups, twice. after a stop at the mad hatter (where everyone got a hat) we watched the parade, rode it's a small world, and called it a day! it was already 8 and the park closed at 8 that night which was perfect since we all were tired. at home, it was a round of pizza and conversations of "i can't believe how empty the park was." it was a great b day!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

struggling to create "depth"

so i want to create depth in my scrap pages. i think mine are alway too static, flat... not what i really aimed for... so here's a try. hum....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

reflection starts so eary...

i can't believe my baby will be one. it's been a wonderful and beautiful year of growth for us both. we are so much stronger today that we were a year ago. now, we have you. we have watched you grow from helpless little baby who only cried and slept to the young toddler you are now. then, when we brought you home, we didn't know what to feed you let alone how much! holding you was like holding a loaf of bread. you simply didn't weigh much. over the months you grew and grew until now i see people take a second look when i say, "oh, he's only 11 months old." at 29, almost 30 pounds you out weigh your 3 year old cousin. with eyes wide open, you have opinions-i see you grab the cheese puff over the pumpkin bread. and already the temper tantrums are starting; crying because dad is washing your hair and you want to play with the little floating fish. ahhh diego, what will become of you?

this year of firsts, wow, what a blessing to be home and watch you grow. your first words, "dayeeee!!!" crawling, laughing, smiles, it's only days now when that first step will be taken. oh sure, you cruise around the house but you haven't quite let go yet. you know what? it's okay to grow up and walk, we are always going to be here for you...

happy birthday baby!

6 facts because of marie

1. i'm uber interested in the private lives of NFL players. i hate watching football so getting all into their business keeps me watching the games (go 49'ers!)

2. i have long hair but i hate it. i want to cut it short but someone who means the world to me, likes it long...

3. my nails don't grow.

4. i wear glasses because i like them. i could afford to have the lasik but why?

5. teaching is a profession i love but i didn't really know what else to do with an english degree.

6. i am a writer!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


omg!!!! my dream has been a simple one yet out of reach for sooo long. on all those silly surveys we all like to do, the question appears over and over... "who would you like to meet?" well, my answer is always the same... SANDRA CISNEROS! she is simply my favorite author of all time. it sounds like a simple thing really, she's a writer, people don't stalk writers like they do celebs. but, then again, how does one go about meeting such people? whatever... i digress from my point. the point is... I MET HER!!! last night, yes, she had a reading at CSUCI and i went. i stood, i was late because of classes, and there she was! she read a new essay she's working on and then read from her last novel (all of which i already own). and yes, i had to buy another book (i wasn't planning on seeing her... who knew?) but it was worth the 12 bucks to have her signature on MY book... it's like her magic can spread on my book shelve... i was sooo excited...

yes, i have can now say i met sandra cisneros...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

who cares if johnny can't read?

wow... what an eye opener! i just read this article for class and i just have to say, there are some points the author is making that i've discussed with friends. so, if you have a chance, read the article at it's Who Cares If Johnny Can't Read? by Larissa Mac Farquhar. the whole TV thing... yes! have we not discussed that? of course, i have the spin of "small child" hitched on my thinking.... what is life to a small child? is the mear act of going outside no more, no less that what he could see on TV? diego, his young 11 month old mind, does he know we are at the zoo? is there a difference from the zoo to target? or is it all the same to him? which will lead us to TV. the american ped... blah, blah, blah, recommends that no child under 2 watch TV. well, i've tried to stick to that, i don't buy the whole baby einstein thing anyway, but how is watching something on TV, something educational like blue planet any different that going outside and walking to the park? come now, diego doesn't walk. he rides in a stroller. most of the time, he interested in the toys he takes with him, not the lovely flowers or the birds somewhere off in the distance where he can't even focus on. and the same goes for TV. we watch a lot of discovery channel and things like that (we're nerds) and yes, i will point out, duck, bird, or whatever and diego might watch for a few seconds (his attention span is very age approprate!) then go back to playing with his toys. he just doesn't care yet.

now, the whole idea of passive TV watching versus the idea of active reading makes me think too. the argument is who makes images in their head while reading? hum... i never thought of it like that but yes, i don't make pictures, i have feelings, i have connections but images? no... and when watching TV, we're passive since we're not thinking, we're watching... but then again, i'm a LOST fan and watch general hospital daily. i have to admit, i'm always thinking... why, why, why... and i discuss these things with others (i have other LOST fans/friends and belong to several GH groups). we come up with theories, ideas, suggestions, and always wonder what will happen next... how much more active can TV become?

makes me think... does it matter to be WELL read?