Tuesday, August 28, 2007

real life dork moment

so i thought school started tonight. DH came home early to watch our 11 month old and i left. i was so excited! i am taking my last class for my special ed credential (no big deal, i'm the proud owner of many credentials in the state of California) and i haven't attended class since last June since fall 2006 i had the baby and took leave and spring 2007 i took a class independent studies. sooo, i'm so excited to see people (even if my cohort all started level 2 without me) and get to thinking again. i get there, pay for my parking pass (the semester, not the daily) and then... i can't find my class! i go and there is something about math theory being taught... not my class! so i look it up and wham! dude... i'm a day late! the class was LAST night not tonight! so i missed the 1st class! so, nothing i could do about it--go to the bookstore, get the book (at 109.00) and come home. i emailed the instructor and downloaded all the stuff she has posted on blackboard but now i can't figure out what she expects in the papers that are due at the next class. i emailed her a few questions but it's not her responsibility to "reteach" a class she already gave a lecture for. none of the other students are people i know or even have a phone number for! ugh... now i have to figure out this on my own...
i am just soooo bummed!

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Unknown said...

i'm so sorry that happened to you :(