Wednesday, December 19, 2007

sugar rush! {and 2of 50}

today i hosted my first cookie swap and gingerbread man decorating play date! whew... that's a mouthful! it was grand fun to see my neighbors and friends meet and chat while having coffee and sharing cookies! cookies do sooo much for women! yah! lol...

so nikki brought these amazing peanut butter dainties (peanut butter fudge!)

try it, you'll like it!

peanut butter dainties

1 stick of butter
1 package of butterscotch chips (11 oz)
1 cup creamy peanut butter
2 cups flavored/colored marshmellows
melt butter, butterscotch and peanut butter together on low heat until smooth. put whole pot in the fridge for approx 8-10 minutes. mix in marshmallows. line pan with wax paper and pour mixture in. put in fridge to cool.
omg... devine!
did two scrap pages... i'm going to give TS a run for the DT. who knows...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

marie is my scrap idol!

i'm still having issues with the little clicky link and a certain boy i won't name is refusing to nap so i'm just here really quick like!
you must look at these amazing owls that miss married marie has created! i swear, when i grow up, i want to be just like her! i can't believe she can come up with this stuff! wow... i am amazed again by her!

oh yeah, i forgot to share... my gift to self!!! isn't it fab???

Monday, December 17, 2007

scrap diet

so i was wandering around in blog land and found this idea posted on cathy's blog...
this is just the ticket... can i admit that i have at least 4 poppyink kits all still in the bags they arrived in and yet... i felt the need to purchase the latest kit from tally? omg... rachel has put together the tastiest kit ever! omg... yes, sheers! yah! but, i need to stop... a girl can only own so many sheets of paper! speaking of owning stuff... so, when is a party dress "done?" i've got several dresses i can't wear anywhere but a party (i love to totally dress up!). when is it time to recycle them? i can't really wear them like, more than twice right? i mean, it's like the same group of people at most of the parties we go to and they're not black-hot pink, red... blah! i love color! so what's a girl to do? lol...
oh wait... wasn't this about scrapping? lol...

here are the rules:
1. Create 50 layouts using only products, tools, and supplies we have on hand.
2. Cardstock and adhesive can be purchased when needed.
3. Gift certificates, RAK's, DT kits are not included -those can be used.
4. Larger altered projects count as 1 layout.

erasure of culture? i think not...

so this weekend we were privy to an armenian baptism (seems to be baptism season in our world-that or we all had kids at the same time so...). wow, again, i'm struck by the simple beauty of culture. everything was in armenian; the invitations, the music, the food (and man oh man was that food YUMMY!) everything was so centered around some themes we did not know. it was so fun! watching the families partake in the dancing... it sure looked like fun and it was most fitting to watch the youngest children who already seemed to know the dances. ah... yes, this is what makes america beautiful. it's not that we are a "melting pot" but a place to mix and recreate, redefine what it is to be AMERICAN. not to mention that we were the latino family seated with the chinese family and the indian family who each brought a touch of their culture to the table as well.
shaker's daughter was so lovely dressed in a traditional indian dress. she was a little beauty! when other's rant and rave of assimilation, do they not see that there is beauty in difference? i'm not talking about people who refuse to learn the american culture-that's a whole different blog... ah yes, to celebrate culture... that's what is fundamentally american...

i bought diego a hat. actually, he's got the PJ's that match but those are for christmas eve. i even found him a pair of UGGS. yes... i bought them... they're worth the 50 bucks they cost. i'm not one to spend lots of money on stuff like that normally but they're the cutest things and he's such a little ham! and you know what? i like my son to be the "cute kid" at the party!
made this for one of my fellow tallyscrappers! it's for myra... she's a sweety so i'm glad she's getting it... actually, they're all so sweet i would have been happy to make any of them something. never again will i try to alter something so small... man my fingers hurt! and, i think i've been making the mistake of trying paper that is just too "safe." f it, i've got too much "good paper" to save! i'm ready to give away all my beginner paper but just don't want to spend money shipping it to someone... oh well, treasured memories will be holding their annual "paper drive" in feb so then i can donate it to them.

on a side note... i finally finished my last SPED class and feel a little anti climatic. yup, i'm now the proud owner of two teaching credentials but i wonder if i should have just done my masters instead? oh well, i know i will, i know i will but it just doesn't have that "whew!" feeling i was hoping for.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

another christmas survey! (from heather... ironic que no?)

*Welcome to the Christmas edition of getting to know your friends.Okay, here's what you're supposed to do, and try not to be a SCROOGE!!!Change all the answers so that they apply to you. Then send this to awhole bunch of people you know, INCLUDING the person that sent it toyou...'Tis the Season to be NICE*

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? both-i start off with fancy wrapping and then end up stuffing stuff into bags!

2. Real tree or artificial? up until this year i would have said artificial but this year we bought a real tree and man oh man does my house smell good or what?!?

3. When do you put up the tree? before is was thanksgiving weekend but this time is was last weekend.

4. When do you take the tree down? as soon as xmas is over. i never have it up past the 30th. new years gets it own stuff.

5. Do you like eggnog? nope

6. Favorite gift received as a child? fashion plates... lol

7. Do you have a Nativity Scene? yup

8. Hardest person to buy for ? my mom... she's crazy, she wants a table set. um, hello, i don't even have a new table and chairs! silly lady. i'm almost ready to get her a set of chairs like mine so when i do get a new table, she can have my old ones too... LOL!

9. Easiest person to buy for? diego. lol! toys are just so fun to buy!

10. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? ummm... hum... i can't say worst to any.

11. Mail or email Christmas cards? mail! i love them! it's like a mini reminder of old friends!

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? nightmare...

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? um... i dunno... whenever?

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? sure... and wedding too lol!

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? pecan pie!

16. Clear lights or colored on the tree? mine are all green and i've got the old school bubble lights... which i need a few replacements for and can't find... doesn't anyone sell the replacement bubble lights anymore? ugh!

17. Favorite Christmas song? it used to be "do they know it's christmas time at all..." but i like them all pretty much!

18. Travel for Christmas or stay at home? we travel but that bird is going to land soon. i want to be home and hear diego screaming in the living room that santa came... aww... it's not fair we wake up in a hotel room and the rest of the family is all cool at their houses.

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeers? lol, yes

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? we have a dollar tree santa... we broke our star last year (the old tree fell over... lol, and we need a new one but haven't fell in love with anything yet)

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? eve-totally

22. Most annoying thing about this time of year? some people forget the spirit and just become angry... it's not about who spent the most people!

23. What I love most about Christmas? cookies and scrap pages to make!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i need to buy ribbon

i made a little treat for one of the girls in my EDSS class. heather has become a blessing to know. she's just one of those people you feel you've known your whole life... she gave me a COACH wristlet--she noticed mine and asked if i was a fan and of course, you know i am! so we talked COACH and MAC and then she told me she was going to list her white COACH wristlet on ebay? i forget now but then later she gave it to me for helping her with her work in the class.... awww... that is so sweet! so i decided to make her this little treat! i need some more ribbon of course but i love this line of paper which is so unlike me... anna griffin? oh lordy... she's like so old school but the hot pink and lime green--that is so me!

side note: how does one photograph ornaments in a "dark" house? i've tried and all i get is reflection... ugh!!!

baby it's cold outside... right now it's 47. tomorrow i'm staying in... a day of scrappin' is in order!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

the tree is up!

it was grand fun! we finally got our house lights up and the tree trimmed. so it sat in the house for a few days but hey, we knew we had a plan! with warm cookies-i baked peanut butter blossoms, you know, the ones with the "kiss" in the center--YUMMY! it's the tallest tree we've ever had! it's about 9 feet tall? it's huge!

we took tuns watching the boy. he was confused, amused that a tree was now in the house-he laughs at it as if to say, there is something not right but hey, that's just the way my parents are. it's almost not right: he's so young but already, his 1st christmas ornaments are so nostalgic... awww... my baby!

and of course, there is a little nightmare... it wouldn't be MY house without a little nightmare!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

feeling blessed...

look... isn't this cute? lol!

i love this man!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

ahhh, yes, marie is my hero! LOL!

Christmas survey

Colored lights or white lights on your house or not at all? well, mine are those "snow"-ish ones but they're blue.

Hot chocolate or Egg Nog? actually, gingerbread lattes

What's your favorite holiday dish? omg, cookies! (if your in the area, email me about my cookie swap on the 19th!)

Does Santa wrap the presents or just sit them under the tree? oh, we haven't thought that out yet...

Do you hang mistletoe? nope... i used to but now i lost it

When do you put up your decorations? usually on thanksgiving weekend but this year we're getting a real tree so this weekend it's on!

What's your favorite holiday tradition? so far, it's the "annual" santa visit

What's on the top of your tree? lol-we broke the star last year and we need to get something but i want us all to be there to pick it out so this weekend we're shopping!

Do you have a nativity displayed through the holidays? yes a few of them.

Candy Canes, traditional or flavored? Or Chocolate Covered Cherries? flavored candy canes!

What's your favorite holiday goodie to make and share? pecan pie

What's your favorite Christmas song? i'm in a total "baby its cold outside" mood even if it's 75 and we were wearing shorts today!

When did you learn the truth about the "magic" of Christmas? hmm not sure.

Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? always, all of them

Is there a special ornament or Christmas decoration that you wouldn't feel like Christmas without? well, all my nightmare stuff is really important!

Do you take neighbor gifts/treats to anyone, everyone, a select few? gawd... yeah... the gardener, the neighbors, the co-workers... yup, cookies for all!

Is your big meal on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning or Christmas afternoon? yes please

How do you decorate your tree? oooh... carefully! lol

Snow? Love it? Dread it? Tolerate it? omg... love! but it doesn't snow where i live

Do you remember a favorite gift? my hella cool fashion plates!

Do you have a family get-together during the holidays with extended family? just close family

What's the most important thing that you must do each Christmas season? celebrate God

Do you bake Christmas cookies? yes!

Do you leave cookies and milk for Santa? i will in a few years, when diego is old enough

Share a favorite Christmas memory: well, i would have to say last. it was our first with diego, and of course everything went wrong... lol... my hella old 4 ft fake tree decided to die with my priceless nightmare ornaments on it... ugh! ugh! UGH!!! at least the glass door did not break! and i think only two nightmare ornaments died too... not to bad! LOL!

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

wow... already another christmas? wow. time just flies by. today i did a quick scrap page, diego was being needy and has a cold so i didn't get to take as much time for me as i would have liked but i did get into my new paper. it's called snow globe but i forgot who makes it.

i love this picture. yup, he's wearing capri's for boys... LOL! i can't believe how little he is there. my mom and i took him together to the mall to get his picture taken with santa. she was visiting dec. 5th for cesar's last eye surgery. i wanted to do something special with her here and diego since we live so far.

already, i have the pictures for this year hanging on my mirror where i have all my christmas cards. maybe i'll scrap that one soon too-but for now, i'm just going to look at it. i can't believe we now can say, this is a tradition. it's too soon, it's all too fast!

on another note, i got this from carrie today-lol... i find it amusing...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i want to be an elf (they make everything)

so, i tally i needed to misquote and mojo, i had to "be the holiday!" oh fun! lol, here's what i came up with-ta da!

i took the bumper sticker "i wanna be barbie, that bitch has everything!" i changed it to "i wanna be an elf, they make everything!"

dead phone...

if you have a chance, would you email me your phone number again (assuming you want me to have it... LOL) diego took mine and BROKE it. turns out all the numbers i thought i had saved to my SIM card were not saved. oh well... so, ET can't phone home anymore!

Monday, November 5, 2007

not the 100 crash but the car is totaled...

so it's this never ending drama in my brother's life. he just turned 30 and yet, he luck is still the same. this morning he totaled his car, with his wife and 2 of the 4 boys in it. THANK GOD none of them are hurt... the baby is 8 months old and isaac is 3 so they were both in their car seats. joey (my brother) said he breaked too fast and the wet freeway didn't mix. he lost control and the car ended up on the side of the freeway upside down. (of course they live in fresno-home of the 100 car pile up this weekend...) luckily lots of people stopped to help them get out. the kids had to be freed from their car seats but they were just fine. (they already saw the dr this am-turns out isaac has a double ear infection but aside from that, they're just fine).

i don't know how to help them. i don't think its even my place to figure out the lesson for them. i believe sometimes we are destine to repeat certain things until we learn the lesson. i don't know what the lesson is for them... they have to figure that out for themselves. all i can do is support them in their journey.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

like santa claus said, you're a ho, ho, ho...

LOL_just teasing... saw this list on another site and i thought i would share!

GIVE CELEBRATION:advent calendar
nativity dress up
birthday cake for Jesus (cake mix, frosting, baby Jesus, candle)
"a caroling we go" (song sheets, jingle bells, candles, hot chocolate)
christmas books (unwrap one a day/week for December)
something Christ centered (music, art, books)
neighbor basket with Christmas DVD
new years eve party suppliesnew years day party supplies
doorknob sachet (a cinch to make out of burlap, potpourri, ribbon)
something green (flowers, bulbs, wheat grass) ---an example she had, take a ceramic pot, put in a clear bag of tulip bulbs, tie a pretty ribbon around the bag, put it in the pot, put a ceramic lid/plate on top of the pot, tie a ribbon around the pot. GREAT GIFT!)

GIVE FLAVOR:homemade hot fudge
cookie dough (formed in refridgerated logs, great for a busy teacher)
mulled cider mixrecipe box (of family favorites)
bowl by the door (ups man, home teachers, unexpected visitor) ---an example she had, she took some pretzel rods that she covered half way with chocolate, put 3 to a bag, tied the bag with ribbon, and put them in a bowl by the door. So when the ups man, or whoever came by, they'd have an unexpected gift, but know that they were appreciated!
homemade spaghetti sauce
something savory
bird feeder and seed (for someone who loves birds)

GIVE FUN:childrens artwork for dads office
memberships to local museum/theatre
snow globes (distilled water, glycerin, glitter)
hide and seek jar or pillow
"table topics" game
art supplies
disposable camera, coupon for developing, album
felt tic-tac-toe or checkers with bean bags
something educational (globe, chalkboard, reference book)

GIVE HOMEMADE:homemade candlesfleece or wool throw
magnetic frame or chalkboard, magnets---an idea she had, she had some tin roofing, then painted on some chalkboard paint, and then punched some holes in it, tied some really pretty 1 1/2 inch pink ribbon to hang it up. Then she included some magnets she made. She took those big clear rocks, some people use them in fish tanks for the rocks, but these were about an inch wide, then she cut circles out of patterened paper, mod podged those on the backs, so the pattern showed thru, then glued magnet strips on the back, and wa-LAH, youve got magnets!stitchings, wall hangingspicture frame (mosaic, wood easel, altered)
microwavable neck wrap or eye mask (buckwheat or rice with essential oils)
fireplace basket, sachets (citrus peels, cinnamon sticks, rosemary, pinecones)
lip gloss
bath salts or soap
hand embroidery (bag, album cover)

GIVE KINDNESS:babysitting for neighbors, friends while they shop
detail appliances
trade favors for hospital patients
neighborhood open
houseclean, clean car
take family photos(those who seldom get remembered)

GIVE LEISURE:reading corner (big pillows and basket of books)
magazing subscriptions (order now, cheap on ebay
ribbon/photo bookmark
luggage tags, travel accesoriespersonal mix CD
camping equipment

GIVE MEMORIES:christmas family album
family history information, photos
childhood favorites (toys, books, candy)
tribute album
family heirlooms
hometown memorabilia

GIVE SMART:encourage a hobby/sport, new supplies
storage boxes
grab and go binder (important documents)
shoe shine kit
etched pyrex (great for potlucks)
something practical (paper cutter, sharpies)
stationary, cards, wrapping, tags
apron with pockets
january organization
items for upcoming events (travel, baby announcements)
souveniers from vacation
holiday binder (notes, music, activities, recipes, ideas, calendar)
winter car kit

GIVE THE UNEXPECTED:something girly for him (bath and body, candle)
toys for grown ups (trashcan basketball, remote control car)
learn to play a favorite song (shhh practice in secret)
try something new
tools for her
something you've procrastinated
someting out of print

GIVE STYLE:canvas tote bag (embroidered, iron on, stenciled)
tote bag insert (always needed for extra pockets)
embroiedered linens
hairclips and head bands
fringed wool scarf
handmade jewelry
ribbon key ring

GIVE TALENT:supplies-time-talent
teach how to knit or scrapbook together
what they really want: you, your time, your talent

GIVE YOUNG:homemade playdough and kitchen utensils
felt mat for cars or trains (make it big!)
wooden blocks (for play or display name)
puppet show supplies (tension rod for doorway)
snowflake kit (ream of paper and scissors)
"snow day" (pie wieght hand warmers too)
bath toys (craft foam shapes, funnels, etc)
snuggle square (soft and little to travel with)
junior cooking suppliesdress up/costume box
burp clothes (use cloth diapers as base)
"dad's tools"
bath towels
something that stays at grandma's

Saturday, November 3, 2007


wow... it feels like it's been forever since i logged on... and maybe it has. between school, baby issues, husband... wow... it's taken a toll! but, now, i feel like i just finished a marathon and I FEEL GREAT!!! school is over next month, christmas is coming, teeth are breaking skin and babies are sleeping better! yah for me!

i plan to catch up later! hope all is blessed in your life!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


so, diego has been having some issues sleeping. for the past month he won't go to sleep for a long time. we were rocking him to sleep but it stopped working. same thing with the naps. so, i looked online, talked to other moms, talked to the dr and they all suggested letting him cry it out. well... after 3 days of it... i don't know if i'm hardwired to let him cry it out. last night was a whole hour. i go check on him every few minutes so it's not like i'm just leaving him there. i forced myself to go take a shower so i wouldn't hear him. i totally wish he took a pacifier since i hear that helps... he hates them! LOL. right now, blessings, it only took 20 minutes of crying for him to nap. i'm trying to stick to it... he's been sooo easy with everything else, no bottles anymore, no stranger anxiety, he acts fine in the store, i guess this is our "burden."
i guess i need to know i'm a good mom even if i'm letting him cry it out. it just breaks my heart but he needs to sleep and we honestly need private adult time too.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunday, October 7, 2007

oooh yeah, that's MY house!

WOW! so, i bought these on sale a few years ago and never opened them. i was planning to use them last year but because of the baby, i didn't do anything... just a few pumpkins and candy. this year, we're doing halloween! so today, i pulled these out and WOW... to my surprise, they were much bigger than i planned on. actually, these are HUGE! of course, what's my house without a nightmare? hee hee hee...

visit to the pumpkin patch

ah yes, the pumpkin patch. first, i have to say that they are a rip off... come on now, 7 dollars for a freaking pumpkin? whatever! and you know you MUST take the kids... dude, i have one, how do those with 4 do it?

but wait, yes, it was fun! i made sure we had some spooky music on the ipod so i had already created a playlist of scary stuff! and it was nice a cool so we all had jeans on. so diego doesn't get what we're doing as much as we do-yeah, i know it's more for us than for him but it's really so much fun! we wandered, saying we were going to get him the pumpkin HE picked out. but the first 8 of them, they were UGLY. i was not about to buy an ugly pumpkin. we had a great time taking pictures, wandering around, watching the other kids running and yelling... all so excited about a holiday that is still more far than near...

overall, it was a wonderful day!

Friday, October 5, 2007


it's a long time in coming but i've decided that my halloween must go. ah yes, all those orange and green, they're so nice... but i feel halloween "adult." so this year, we are moving on. i've scraplifted a million ideas, created a folder of all my goodies--have you watched witch craft on DIY--wonderful ideas! and then tonight... it was the final straw, i had pumpkin pie... so tomorrow, right after i'm done with my stupid paper i need to write (YES, another one...) i'm going apothescaries crazy!

i adore it really, it's so perfect! the wonderful mixture of black & white... shades of gray mixed in for good measure, this is what MY halloween should look like.
pottery barn has this look in their latest catty but these images are from better homes & gardens. i don't have those exact types of glass jars but i have something similar that will work wonderful too! ah yes, fall is truly in the air!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


for the tally, we were supposed to do a layout with this quote, "she just had a way of brightening the day." i really wanted to do my best friend kathy.... she always brightens my day... she is who i call for everything. the problem is she lives in oakland and i'm in thousand oaks. we're a good 300 miles apart. the last time i saw her was in july for diego's baptism (she is his godmother). none of the pictures from that really fit since the pics are of her, my brother joey, and his wife rosie since they'll all his godparents (we made sure he was covered! LOL)

so today i was thinking of taking the by-i think we can miss 3 challenges in all, but then, i found this picture and thought... wasn't he crying? didn't i pick him up and he just stopped? don't i brighten his day?

so this is the end result... i like it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

just one year

for a challenge, i had to take the layout a person made and scraplift what i liked. now, the girl in front of me, as sweet as she is, is more beginner than i am. so i struggled... and struggled... i'm happy with the overall look. i was going to add more journaling but when i looked at it, i thought no-- a picture says a thousand words... leave it be...

Halloween. What was it like when you were a kid? Do you allow your own kids to go out on this night? Do you attend Halloween parties or do you HAVE th

wow... what a question... in the past, it was always a night of pizza, beer, and handing out candy. i'm huge on the holiday... nightmare before christmas is my favorite movie ever! decorate the whole house... everything, down to towels in the bathroom.

then we moved to TO. then cesar & i went back to school, suddently, only one of use has been home the past 3 years. last year, diego was just born so only a few pumpkins graced out doorway.

this year... wow... we're already planning! we're both going to be home, we've decided to get a set of pumpkin bowls from costplus with the matching pumpkin tureen and we'll make chili. this weekend, we're looking for diego's first costume! yah! we've already hit up the halloween super store for ideas. yes, this will be a spooky one!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

we met the mouse!

so for diego's very first b day, we wanted to do something special, something dramatic--we took him to disneyland!!! now, this wasn't a "let's drive to disneyland and spend the day" type of trip. this was a invite all the cousins (there are 4 boys) over to the house, make a huge breakfast, pile up into two, TWO cars and drive down to disneyland. we hit traffic, suprise, but we ended up making good time. we got there at noon and walked right in since cesar bought all the tickets at work. wow... people, you wouldn't believe it but that park was just empty!!! there were no huge crowds, no lines, no jumbles of people walking all over us! we walked right up to pluto and all the kids took pictures with him. then we went on the train around the whole park, took the fire engin to the middle, and hit up all the fantasyland rides... all of them! all before 2 ish... at 2/3, we stopped for lunch and let the kids just run around, chase ducks, all the fun stuff they wanted to do. then we went to see nemo, a 20 minute wait... longest wait of the day. we watched the jedi training show, and that's when diego decided to nap. my nephews kept on taking rides. but cesar and i took diego for a nice long walk over to the nightmare store. then, when diego woke up, we took a ride on the honeypots! so fun! after meeting back up, the big kids, ces, joey, rosie, and eddie all went on spooky rides. diego, joey jr. and me went on the tea cups, twice. after a stop at the mad hatter (where everyone got a hat) we watched the parade, rode it's a small world, and called it a day! it was already 8 and the park closed at 8 that night which was perfect since we all were tired. at home, it was a round of pizza and conversations of "i can't believe how empty the park was." it was a great b day!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

struggling to create "depth"

so i want to create depth in my scrap pages. i think mine are alway too static, flat... not what i really aimed for... so here's a try. hum....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

reflection starts so eary...

i can't believe my baby will be one. it's been a wonderful and beautiful year of growth for us both. we are so much stronger today that we were a year ago. now, we have you. we have watched you grow from helpless little baby who only cried and slept to the young toddler you are now. then, when we brought you home, we didn't know what to feed you let alone how much! holding you was like holding a loaf of bread. you simply didn't weigh much. over the months you grew and grew until now i see people take a second look when i say, "oh, he's only 11 months old." at 29, almost 30 pounds you out weigh your 3 year old cousin. with eyes wide open, you have opinions-i see you grab the cheese puff over the pumpkin bread. and already the temper tantrums are starting; crying because dad is washing your hair and you want to play with the little floating fish. ahhh diego, what will become of you?

this year of firsts, wow, what a blessing to be home and watch you grow. your first words, "dayeeee!!!" crawling, laughing, smiles, it's only days now when that first step will be taken. oh sure, you cruise around the house but you haven't quite let go yet. you know what? it's okay to grow up and walk, we are always going to be here for you...

happy birthday baby!

6 facts because of marie

1. i'm uber interested in the private lives of NFL players. i hate watching football so getting all into their business keeps me watching the games (go 49'ers!)

2. i have long hair but i hate it. i want to cut it short but someone who means the world to me, likes it long...

3. my nails don't grow.

4. i wear glasses because i like them. i could afford to have the lasik but why?

5. teaching is a profession i love but i didn't really know what else to do with an english degree.

6. i am a writer!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


omg!!!! my dream has been a simple one yet out of reach for sooo long. on all those silly surveys we all like to do, the question appears over and over... "who would you like to meet?" well, my answer is always the same... SANDRA CISNEROS! she is simply my favorite author of all time. it sounds like a simple thing really, she's a writer, people don't stalk writers like they do celebs. but, then again, how does one go about meeting such people? whatever... i digress from my point. the point is... I MET HER!!! last night, yes, she had a reading at CSUCI and i went. i stood, i was late because of classes, and there she was! she read a new essay she's working on and then read from her last novel (all of which i already own). and yes, i had to buy another book (i wasn't planning on seeing her... who knew?) but it was worth the 12 bucks to have her signature on MY book... it's like her magic can spread on my book shelve... i was sooo excited...

yes, i have can now say i met sandra cisneros...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

who cares if johnny can't read?

wow... what an eye opener! i just read this article for class and i just have to say, there are some points the author is making that i've discussed with friends. so, if you have a chance, read the article at it's Who Cares If Johnny Can't Read? by Larissa Mac Farquhar. the whole TV thing... yes! have we not discussed that? of course, i have the spin of "small child" hitched on my thinking.... what is life to a small child? is the mear act of going outside no more, no less that what he could see on TV? diego, his young 11 month old mind, does he know we are at the zoo? is there a difference from the zoo to target? or is it all the same to him? which will lead us to TV. the american ped... blah, blah, blah, recommends that no child under 2 watch TV. well, i've tried to stick to that, i don't buy the whole baby einstein thing anyway, but how is watching something on TV, something educational like blue planet any different that going outside and walking to the park? come now, diego doesn't walk. he rides in a stroller. most of the time, he interested in the toys he takes with him, not the lovely flowers or the birds somewhere off in the distance where he can't even focus on. and the same goes for TV. we watch a lot of discovery channel and things like that (we're nerds) and yes, i will point out, duck, bird, or whatever and diego might watch for a few seconds (his attention span is very age approprate!) then go back to playing with his toys. he just doesn't care yet.

now, the whole idea of passive TV watching versus the idea of active reading makes me think too. the argument is who makes images in their head while reading? hum... i never thought of it like that but yes, i don't make pictures, i have feelings, i have connections but images? no... and when watching TV, we're passive since we're not thinking, we're watching... but then again, i'm a LOST fan and watch general hospital daily. i have to admit, i'm always thinking... why, why, why... and i discuss these things with others (i have other LOST fans/friends and belong to several GH groups). we come up with theories, ideas, suggestions, and always wonder what will happen next... how much more active can TV become?

makes me think... does it matter to be WELL read?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

real life dork moment

so i thought school started tonight. DH came home early to watch our 11 month old and i left. i was so excited! i am taking my last class for my special ed credential (no big deal, i'm the proud owner of many credentials in the state of California) and i haven't attended class since last June since fall 2006 i had the baby and took leave and spring 2007 i took a class independent studies. sooo, i'm so excited to see people (even if my cohort all started level 2 without me) and get to thinking again. i get there, pay for my parking pass (the semester, not the daily) and then... i can't find my class! i go and there is something about math theory being taught... not my class! so i look it up and wham! dude... i'm a day late! the class was LAST night not tonight! so i missed the 1st class! so, nothing i could do about it--go to the bookstore, get the book (at 109.00) and come home. i emailed the instructor and downloaded all the stuff she has posted on blackboard but now i can't figure out what she expects in the papers that are due at the next class. i emailed her a few questions but it's not her responsibility to "reteach" a class she already gave a lecture for. none of the other students are people i know or even have a phone number for! ugh... now i have to figure out this on my own...
i am just soooo bummed!

classes, classes...

tonight is the big night! school starts and i'm excited about it. it's always a new challenge and it's nice to remember that yes, i have a brain!